SX Mini M Class by Yihi

SXMini Box Mod

In stock for $209.99 The SX Mini by Yihi is probably my favorite regulated mod to date. Yes it is expensive, but I promise its worth every penny. First off its extremely solid. This thing is a tank – its not going to scuff or dent easily. Its got a nice weight to it and it feels great in […]

Vaporshark rDNA40 Box Mod

Vaporshark rDNA40

In stock for $195.99 The Vaporshark RDNA40 represents the latest in regulated mod technology utilizing Evolv’s DNA40 board. This is the same board that you’re going to find in several devices such as the newer releases by Hana Modz, Vaporflask etc. So the main things you need to know here is what makes a DNA 40 device stand out […]

Briefcase Mod from Project Sub-Ohm

Briefcase from Project Sub-Ohm SMY

In stock for $89.99 The Briefcase box mod releases tomorrow from Project Sub-Ohm. Project Sub-Ohm have been releasing products for the last 2 years or so and have produced some pretty innovative vaping products. Their box mod line has been exceptionally good and this one is probably the coolest looking mod to date. The Briefcase is a branded SMY […]

Axis Mod by Ante Meridiem

Axis Mod

In Stock for $280 The Axis Mod is a variable voltage mod designed for regulated sub-ohm vaping. Its made by Ante Meridiem out of exotic Kamagong wood (iron wood) in the Philippines. Its a power-regulated v/v device that uses 2 18650 batteries and features variable voltage via the side dial from 2 to 5 volts. Let me start this […]

Vamo 30 Watt Kangside 30

Vamo 30 Watt

Available In Stock for $69.99 Oh my, the Vamo 30 Watt is now here! Like many vapers, I’ve got a soft spot for the Vamo. It was the first serious mod I bought. I upgraded from the EGO C-Twist and a serious upgrade it was! I had 2 of them – wore the first one completely out. For a […]

Kick 2

Kick 2 Nemesis

Available at RTDVapor for $49.99 A few months ago I decided to get a Kick 2 and check it out. What on earth is a Kick 2 you ask? Well, its a small circuit board that you slip into a mechanical mod that allows you to have variable wattage. It essentially converts your mechanical mod into a powered […]