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Mutation X - Copper

In Stock for $24.99

Okay folks – if you’re on a serious budget, but you want a cloud blowing machine – the Mutation X RDA is the atomizer for you! The Mutation X is an extremely unique design from Indulgence. It is all about air flow – and massive amounts of it.

Serious cloud production comes down to several things. Vaping with juice that has a high ratio of VG, sub-ohm builds .2 and below and massive air flow are what go into extreme vaping. The air flow is critical at low sub-ohm builds because the vapor will get really hot. You need to get the air to it in order to cool to a reasonable vaping temperature.

Before we continue – don’t EVER sub ohm vape with anything less than a Sony VTC 5. Not all batteries will handle builds this low. The Sony VTC5 is the best battery you can buy. Take care of your batteries, keep them charged, and you’ll be fine. Safety is key – you don’t want a battery to blow up on you. Use the Sony VTC5 and you’ll be fine. They’re not expensive. I see people cheap out on batteries and its about the dumbest thing you can do. Some of these companies recycle old electronics parts which can make vaping dangerous. Don’t cheap out just to save $1 or $2. Spend the money and get the VTC5.

Now with that out of the way.

Safety is probably one of the biggest reasons that low end RDA’s usually aren’t built for cloud chucking. This is smart, but if you’re on a budget you don’t have much choice. But if you’re willing to use the right battery, this is a great RDA to experiment with big clouds on.

Mutation X

Breaking It Down – Design and Build

The Mutation X comes in 3 sections. You have the usual deck-sleeve-top cap configuration. But there are several things that make the Mutation X extremely unique. First the deck posts have BIG lead holes – this means you’ll have no trouble using low resistance wire (its thicker). The negative (outer) posts are built right out of the deck for maximum connectivity. This RDA should hit nice and hard. For those big low ohm clouds you’ll use a lot of juice. The deck is nice and deep on the Mutation X – you’re covered!

The Mutation X features a pretty cool looking 9-hole air flow control. The holes sit in three groups of 3. For massive clouds this allows you to get your coils centered on the deck with the middle row and you’ll have air coming to the coils from the top, middle and bottom – all at an angle.

The top-cap has two “covers” that allow you to control which holes are open which is great, and it keeps the configuration to the coils as I just mentioned. Really well thought out.

The top cap borrows the “fin” design we’ve seen on the Tobh Atty and the Vulcan RDA. Its there to act as a heat sink to keep your drip tip from retaining heat.

One drawback seems to be that the Mutation X only really supports dual coil or quad coil setups. This RDA is built for low sub-ohm cloud blowing action so I don’t really know why you’d want this in single coil configuration anyway so its not a big deal.

The Mutation is a 22mm RDA so you’ll have it nice and flush on any 22mm device.

Is the Mutation X RDA for me?

If you are a cloud chaser, yes. If you’re not into sub-ohming or big clouds, I don’t think you’re going to like this or even find it really useful for that matter. This is built for the macho vaper. The Mutation X is crying out for you to build it low and take it to cloud contests at vape meetups. It wants to fog your home.

And it will do all this without breaking the bank – this is a real deal, original, non clone RDA for $24.99!

I think this is an exceptional RDA for the money and really fills a need for folks on a budget who want to chuck the clouds. Please be safe though. Don’t let that tight budget skimp on proper batteries.

In Stock for $24.99

Mutation X - Copper
Mutation X - White
Mutation X - Black
Mutation X - Stainless
Mutation X
Mutation X
Mutation X
Mutation X

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  1. Joe Rodriguez says

    I’ve seen these RDAs, built on them, and used them, and I’m VERY satisfied. Buying one might make my Doge jealous, though….but that’s ok. I’ll just pet it’s butt. 😛

    I LOVE the way this RDA is described on the page, too! If I didn’t know about them before, I’d IMMEDIATELY buy one! 😛

  2. Mike says

    I bought this atty based on this review and absolutely love it. There’s only one thing I disagree with: I can and do use it for “modest” builds too… not just sub-ohm-ing. This is my favorite go-to atty because I love the airflow. Personally I think the airflow makes it a better tasting atty than even the Magma. The MX also has a great sleek/modern look, and is lightweight (not like the massive hunks of metal most atty’s are) so my custom box mod isn’t top heavy. And finally, my favorite thing about it: it’s easy to maintain. Airflow adjustments are effortless just by turning the heatsink fins, and the entire top just pulls right off for re-dripping (compare to the magma which has to be unscrewed/re-screwed on finicky threads and airflow can’t easily be adjusted without at least loosening the top cap). The icing is the price, and that it’s now available in copper, brass, black, and 28mm (28650 battery) variants, as well as SS ^_^ Beware, the amazing airflow will ruin you for most other atty’s!

  3. Jay says

    Hi there, will this RDA work on an eleaf 30w sub ohm mod? Just curious as im thinking of ordering an MXV3.

  4. James says

    I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy a replacement button for the bottom of my mutation x. The magnet broke.