Best RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers Guide


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We want to keep this as accurate and up to date resource as we can. If you’ve got suggestions or favorite RDA’s, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

We’ve done a big overhaul for 2015. Enjoy!

As someone who owns WAY to many RDA’s (I love them and can’t stop collecting), I often get asked what is the best RDA available. Well I have to establish some parameters here because when you say “best RDA” that is pretty subjective. Best is going to mean different things to different people so you need to kind of get a feel for what it is you want. Double coils? Quad coils? Low oHm builds? These all need to be taken into account.

Personally I go for vapor production and flavor first. If the device will do those two things, it doesn’t matter if its a double, quad – whatever. To me, if it performs well its the best. So I’m going to go somewhat in order of my favorites.

But first a word about clones.

I’m not agains clones at all. Most of this stuff is in limited supply and the clones are plentiful. I also see the need to save a buck here and there, but I don’t really do clones of RDA’s. Mainly because the build quality is cheaper and they break. Posts tend to come loose over time and this has a huge effect on the performance. You’ll spend money on another and with all the hassle, it would have been easier to spend the money on the real thing to begin with. So clone at your own risk.

What’s the Best RDA out there right now?

In order or preference and why…

Derringer RDA

Derringer RDA

In Stock for $74.99

The Derringer RDA is one of the more classic and innovative RDA’s to come out. Designed by Praxis Mods, this is a standard diameter RDA, but its extremely short. Pair this up with a 4nine or Praxis mod and you have an incredibly stealth and powerful vaping setup. This is one of my favorites to date for this reason. Because of the shorter chamber, the Derringer produces a warmer, and in my opinion thicker and more flavorful vape. You can use a standard drip tip or do what I do and just vape off the device. Incredible and a must own.

Mutation X RDA

Mutation X V4

In stock for $29.99

The Mutation X by Indulgence is a fantastic rebuildable. Indulgence is on the third version of this RDA and its easily the best to date. The Mutation X combines innovation with affordability into being one of the best deals that you’re going to find. The 2 main features that make this RDA unique are the airflow options and the top cap options. You get 3 choices of controlled bottom airflow, dual parallelogram side airflow and bladed angular side airflow control. You also get a competition top cap and delrin mouthpiece for a sleek look and comfort while vaping. This is one of the best RDA’s you’re going to find and offers an enormous amount of flexibility for setups and a wonderful balance of flavor and vapor production.

Doge X V2 RDA

Doge X V2

In stock for $39.99

The earlier versions of the Doge had minor problems, but with the Doge X V2, Congrevape have sorted everything out. This RDA was designed for cloud chasing, but as the design has been refined it offers a wonderful balance of flexibility and is extremely well machined. If you use low rated wire on your builds, the Doge has enormous post holes and can accommodate anything. When you get the Doge, you get 2 sets of post screws, copper and stainless steel. I think its really nice that Congrevape now give you this option. I originally bought this for cloud chasing, but I’ve actually switched to daily vaping using only one coil at about 1.0 ohm. The Doge X is surprisingly versatile and is a wonderful value for the price.

Plume Veil RDA

Plume Veil

In stock for $99.99

The Plume Veil has long been a favorite and I’ve owned every version that Aethertech have released. Yes there have been some dudes and there have also been some major machining problems. The previous 2 versions should have never been released – let alone for the price. But Aethertech have finally got it together with the latest version (version 2.5). This is a wonderful atomizer and was one of the first to offer 3 way airflow. There are airflow holes in the bottom, slot airflow control on the sides and you twist the drip tip to control the airflow on the top cap. The top cap airflow creates a suction and increases vapor production quite nicely. This is one of the more expensive atomizers in this list, but it is worth every penny – its is fantastic. I’m so glad Aethertech finally got things back together with this RDA.



In stock for $84.99

The REMatty follows the new trend of really small, stealth devices such as the Derringer. The REMatty has several advantages over the Derringer – it gives you adjustable airflow control and it is actually smaller than the Derringer as well. This is another excellent RDA for times when you want to carry a mech mod, but you want to be stealth. Pair this up with the Praxis or 4nine and you’ll have an amazing and tiny mech mod that slips right into your pocket. I use mine constantly when I don’t want to draw attention.

Kennedy RDA

Kennedy Competition RDA

In stock for $109.99

The Kennedy Competition RDA is one of the most solid RDA’s I’ve ever used. This thing is built like a tank and the design is practically spill proof which I absolutely love. There are no side air slots – all of the air is drawn in from the bottom notches on the atomizer. The construction is the most solid I’ve ever used – I really can’t go on enough about the quality. The standard Kennedy has 2 airflow holes and the competition has 4. If you like super sub-ohm builds then the competition is for you – no question. This is the best looking and best built RDA I have ever seen. Flavor and vapor are outstanding and its worth every bit of the steep price.

454 Big Block Version 2

454 Big Block V2

In stock for $69.99

The 454 Big Block version 1 was probably my favorite atomizer from last year. Version 2 is very similar except it is smaller. Reducing the chamber size gives you a warmer and denser vape – this is still one of my favorites. The design is unconventional – you have 1 positive post that can accommodate up to 4 wires (it has a 4 way hole design). There are no negative posts – the negative leads go under the retaining ring and attach right on the deck. This RDA hits like a freight train – its probably got the best performance of anything on this page if you are using a mech mod. Highly recommended.

Freakshow RDA

Freakshow / Freakshow Mini

Freakshow in stock for $29.99
Freakshow mini in stock for $29.99

Apparently the story is that Wofoto went to extreme lengths to design what they feel is the best performing RDA that you’re going to find. I have to say, it is quite good. The regular and the mini are very similar except the mini has a reduced size chamber. The design was tweaked slightly to still give you the best performance you’re going to find for a rebuildable in this category. The price point is nice as well. The wick chambers have been tweaked to allow the best performance with the least amount of dripping. Either choice is fantastic – I personally prefer the mini.

Big Dripper RDA

Big Dripper

In stock for $64.99

The Big Dripper is the most unusual design of any of the RDA’s featured here. The Big Dripper is certainly big, but it combines a standard RDA with a chamber in the top used to store juice. The chamber is spring loaded to release juice to your coils when needed. You just push down on the top cap and liquid is released. This is a nice option for people who want the performance of a dripping RDA with the convenience of a tank. Interesting design and extremely unique. If you like to drip on the go – this is an excellent option.

Tugboat RDA


In stock for $89.99

I have a soft spot for the Tugboat. I own several of these since they introduced airflow control and its still one of my favorite RDA’s. I also think the Tugboat offers the best flavor performance of any atomizer on the market. This is a serious, everyday RDA that gives you everything you want. You can get a slam, chuff style cap as an option, or use the included 510 drip tip. Either way – these are my day to day go to RDA’s. I think you will agree these are the best in class. Moderately priced, but worth every penny. Available in multiple colors and finishes – you won’t go wrong with the Tugboat. In fact, if I could only own 1 RDA on this entire page, this would be it.

Hobo V3 RDA

Hobo V3

In stock for $99.99

The Hobo is absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite designs to be honest. This is extremely well built and has an interesting configuration of an inner sleeve that screws on to the deck before you attach the outer sleeve. The chamber size is very much reduced. The posts feature a proprietary hex key – they are tiny. This is not optimal, but because of the small chamber I can see why its done this way. You also get a delrin slam cap for easy dripping. Their are airflow holes on the sides of the top cap that give you a little bit of suction control – this is a really nice RDA. The quality and machining are outstanding. Flavor and vapor production are top notch as well. This one looks amazing as well with the stainless body/black delrin cap mix.

Best RDA Wrap-up

So there you have it! This is the best of the best in RDA’s based on my own personal experience and review. I would actually recommend you get 2 if you’re starting out. You’ll want to experiment with different builds and even vapor flavors. As cheap as these have become, I think this is the way to go to find what you like.

Got a favorite not covered here? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Mike Manthe says

    Thanks for the roundup – great info! I too recently purchased a RJ Mods CATs – absolutely GORGEOUS dripper in every way! I wanted though to recommend another for the ‘budget’ category that I recently picked up – it is the Caterpillar from Smoktech. This dripper is astonishingly well built and astonishingly high performance for the price (they’re under $20 US!). I swear this thing is built almost as well as some of my $60-$90 drippers and wait ’til you see the deck (and the airflow control, for that matter)! You seem like a dripper fanatic like me – as such, this one is a complete no-brainer!

  2. Misty says

    I just recently did my first build not too long ago. I was told that the Patriot would be better to start out on. Was just wondering if there was any other ones that were good for beginners.

    • Vapor Mods says

      The Patriot is a great RDA but honestly for a beginner I’d say get the IGO-W and one of the halo caps. You can’t beat the price and once you figure out how to build it its as good as any RDA out there.

    • Mike Manthe says

      I’m not the reviewer, but I do own many RDAs (~14 or 15) – one of which is the Omega. It is definitely a great dripper – HUGE airflow (which=HUGE vapor production). Flavor is also great, not amazing, but great. It also has a deep drip well. The 2 gripes I have with it are:
      1. The air holes are cut into the side-walls of the drip well rendering almost half of its depth useless (juice just leaks out of the holes).
      2. The deep well makes it a little more cumbersome to do builds – since the posts are somewhat recessed with such high walls, it can make coil insertion and placement a little tough.

      Beyond that, it is a solid RDA. Even with all my other drippers (many which are ‘higher-end’ and ‘fancier’) – I still reach for it and vape with it fairly regularly.

      Hope this helps…

  3. Janos says

    How do you feel about the Magma…I honestly think it blows away anything you mentioned above. Not to say any of them are bad, I am just that confident in the Magma by paradigm

    • Vapor Mods says

      Janos – I really need to check out the Magma – others have told me the same thing!

  4. Stephen Clement says

    I’ll second the Magma. I have all the attys you’ve listed here and it blows them all away. I was really quite surprised not to see it listed here at all.

    • Vapor Mods says

      Got a Magma tonight – you guys convinced me. Will review once I’ve had the chance to play with it some!

  5. dominic says

    The helios is a great rda for beginners so easy to build and it chucks out the big clouds.

  6. Byars Remorse says

    Where did you get the castle looking drip tip? I was looking at the product page and it doesn’t show a drip tip or that it comes with one. It meshes well with the Castle RDA its self.

  7. Eduardo says


    Is the magma better than the Tobh? I want to get a dripper and want to start out with the best right away (I only have a eBaron Dripper Pro as of now and I like it)

    I’m not into cloud chasing, more of a flavor fan, but clouds are welcome after flavor.

    And any update to include the tobh 2.5? And what about the japan made Vulcan RDA (similar to the tobh, but with heatsinks below and above the deck, and I believe even cheaper)?

    Kind regards,

  8. Bjørn says

    If you like the Magma, try the Veritas as well. It has air coming from behind the coil but induces much of the same principle. The chamber is even more reduced then on the Magma for crisper flavor.

  9. Josh says

    in my opinion i think that the Igo-m is worthy of a mention. i brought it recently and i think it puts my atty to shame. huge vape, great flavour and easy to build

  10. Kevin K. says

    Id like to see you review the Tug Boat Rda By Flawless Vapes. I learn a lot by your reviews and i know people would really benefit with your opinion on it.

  11. Damian says

    You’re forgetting the tugboat!! It is a phenomenal dripper and definitely deserves to be on the list of best RDA’s

  12. Spenna says

    I’ve got a kayfun lite plus v2 and the taste is nowhere near the same as my nautilus mini. I thought the RDA’s are supposed to get more flavour out of your juice i’ve been running a 1.5 ohm coil with 28 kanthal with cotton wicking.

    • Vapor Mods says

      Depends on your mod and the build. Also know that the Kayfun is not an RDA, its a tank.

      I prefer the Russian to the Kayfun because I like the airflow a little better. Having said that though – I use 25 gauge Kanthal. 6 wraps give me about .6 ohms. I’ll just use this on a mech mod and I’m good to go!

  13. TenderWalnut says

    I have most of the attys you review on here. Love my Magma and Tobh. Only drawback for my Magma is that liquid will congregate in and around the afc ring. Don’t think it leaks but after three or four times of screwing top cap on and off it gets noticeably wet and I have to clean it. Great reviews

    • Vapor Mods says

      Thanks – I have the same problem with my Magma as well. I’ve found I have to break it down and at least the top cap out every few days – this helps.

  14. Peter L says

    Best low end cloud maker RDA has to be the spirit
    Made in USA Igo type

    Now I use a Vulcan has air flow holes under coils like your Magma For amazing flavor.

    It also has heat sinks like the tobh but goes one better and has them below the deck as well. These are much more functional at cooling the lower portion keeping your mod cool.

  15. Eduardo says

    Hi again,

    Will this article be updated to include the Plume Veil, the Veritas, and your recently reviewed 454 Big Block?

    It would be nice to see your opinion on how all those new compare in the list.

    Thanks again for posting this, it helps a lot.

    Kind regards.

  16. MrBeo says

    The Veritas and Plumeveil both Rock but still my go to Dripper is a Atomic clone! I love the Magma but hate to remove the top cap for every fill so My take is for a Single coil build go with the Atomic and the biggest air hole and just drip in the drip tip.

    • Chris says

      The Atomic by MCV is my personal favorite. Great taste and a real fog machine. I have the Stillare and the Magma and they are good atomizers but are no where close to the bar the Atomic has set. That’s my opinion.

  17. mitch says

    I love my tugboat. I would put that over an igo any day. but I am currently working on increasing my atomizer collection. How do you feel about genesis style? I really like my Kraken even though it took me some attempts to get my coil and wicking the way I wanted it.

  18. says

    If you talk about dripping and you dont have THE DRIPPER by leo in your list….the best dripper so far…for me….i got like 20 drippers…the best one is that.

  19. RJ says

    this has been an amazing year for RDA’s. For this article to be relevant it must include Aethertech Plume Veil v1.5, hobo’s customs HOBO V2.1, one sector n22, CKS Rouge, dark Ronin Mods geyser, the boss mod Vertex, Footoons Aqua V2(it’s an RDA too, Aria Orion, onslaught, 454, DOGE, and about the 20 or more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. Thunder clouds, cloud comp…..

    2 cents turned into dollar 380

  20. John says

    I noticed that you didn’t have the Kennedy RDA in there?! I really think you should check the Kennedy out. The air flow is non adjustable and it comes underneath the coils from the deck. Quality is top notch and the flavor and vapor production is great. I’ve done builds form .8ohm to a .1and it wasn’t too hot. I feel that it is one of the most versatile RDA on the market. I picked my up for around 100$. And I would highly recommend in get one. One last note, the drip well is huge, I can go with a .2omh build about 25+ hits without getting a dry hit.

  21. brendan says

    Any good points on the valkyrie hybrid clone? I just ordered it and on feeling pretty confident..

  22. Wongy says

    Awesome list, just one question, and sorry because i’m a little slow in the head lol, but what is your number one?? The derringer I assume? Just wanted to know because I wanted to pick up one of them going by your recommendations. Thank You!

  23. brad says

    Yes I’m new to the vap world started with kanger subbox mini mod and tank just ordered a snow wolf mod and looking for a dripper for it, I want big clouds and little mess no juice leakage, I was looking at the new cloud chaser atomizer if any one has one or can do a review on it you opinion would be great thanks

    • Robert Anderson says

      I would go for the DOGE-X v2. It’s airflow adjustment is amazing. The price is great, usually going for about $30-$40. Very easy to build on and comes with 2 sets of replacement screws (copper and stainless steel) and a replacement center post (same, copper or stainless steel), so you can go stainless steel or copper (copper hits harder).

  24. nikolas c. alexander says

    I have tried a few of those rda’s and all were great, todate my fav. would have to be the buddha v2 which is a 30 mm RDA with about 24 air holes and 4 add. air holes at top drilled at a 45 degree angle. If you looking for huge clouds and great flavor this is one to give a try it cost around about $50 -$60, also the royal hunter is a great RDA and has a n ice featuer that i really liked, it had a juice gard on the bottom of the drip tip to keep juice from entering your mouth on big rips