UD AGA-T4 RBA Rebuildable Atomizer



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Introducing the AGA-T4

The UD AGA-T4 is the latest in the line of well built and affordable devices from Youde.

This year we are seeing a huge influx of various RBA offerings. Rebuildable Atomizers are extremely appealing for several reasons: they are cheap to maintain (no coils to buy), they produce excellent vapor and they produce the most full bodied flavor of just about any device on the market. They are work to maintain and build, but even though its not difficult, they tend to be reserved for the fidgety gear-heads. There has been a niche market for boutique devices and the downside is that most of them are pretty expensive if you can even find them. The UD AGA-T4 is not only available, but its affordable, well designed and looks really nice with hits half stainless steel, half gold-plated setup.

The biggest issue with dripping atomizers is that, well, you have to drip them. This is hard if you’re driving or in situations where you can’t really use two hands to fool around trying to vape. Genesis style RBA’s get around this by adding a tank to the bottom of the deck. You set up wicks to bring the juice up from the tank to the coils.

Youde or UD (depending on the logo they use) have been one of the better Chinese companies out there. They make original devices that are extremely affordable. The AGA-T4 is the latest in the line of Genesis style RBA’s like the Kraken and many other nice devices. The amazing thing about the UD AGA-T4 is the price – its less than most RBA’s let alone one with a tank!

UD AGA-T4 Deck

UD AGA-T4 Deck

Breaking down the AGA-T4

There are basically 2 sections to the UD AGA-T4, just like other Genesis-style RBA’s. There’s the deck and the tank. The deck is a 1 post design, the negative posts are just screws that sit right on the deck. The 3rd screw covers the fill hole for the tank. You build your coils and place them over the 2 juice holes. The idea is that the wicks dip into the tank and bring the juice up to the coils. These are traditionally meant to be used with steel mesh, but I just use cotton – it works wonderfully. I don’t like steel mesh personally and cotton works much better. Easier to find and cheaper too!

I make cotton wicks long enough to dip into the tank about half way – works great. The other end of the wick sticks out of the top of the coils so it won’t fall through. Really easy to wick.

Building, on the other hand – took a little bit of practice. Its not hard, but the screws are in different proximity than they are on a standard RBA. You need to have the coils suspended vertically over the juice holes. Its a little tricky to figure out the first time or two. I did get the hang of it, but I’d recommend being patient and not in a hurry. About the 3rd time I built it it was perfect. Its not hard, you just have to learn the build.

Should I buy the UD AGA-T4?

If you like Genesis style RBA’s then absolutely. If you don’t know but you’re curious I’d still recommend this because of the price. It won’t break the bank either way and you might like it. Genesis style RBA’s deliver pretty much all of the flavor and vapor production of a standard RBA. The downside is the design with the tank. If you tile the device too far you’ll have juice everywhere. There’s basically 2 open holes on the deck to the tank so its not perfect for on the go vaping or traveling. But its a better vape than a vacuum tank like the Kayfun.

The AGA-T4 is my desk vape when I’m working. Hits like an RDA, but I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to drip every 2 minutes. Its perfect. I don’t use it on the go much, so I don’t have to worry about tipping it and having juice spill.

Its a tough call and not entirely versatile, but I love the way this vapes and if you are curious, the price is right just to try it.

In stock at VaporDNA for $35.99

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