Are electronic cigarettes better for you than traditional cigarettes?
What is Vaping?
Are e cigarettes cheaper than traditional cigarettes?
How Do You Use An Electronic Cigarette?
Why do vapers have lots of gear?

Are electronic cigarettes better for you than traditional cigarettes?

There have been no formal studies completed to prove this, so agencies such as the FDA can’t endorse it as a “health” alternative.

Tobacco products contain over 600 ingredients, 69 of which are cancer causing.

Electronic Cigarettes on the other hand contain about 4 ingredients. One of them is nicotine which is a known toxin that can lead to high blood pressure and heart related issues.

So at this point there isn’t any conclusive scientific research to show that they are actually better for you, but you can see from the ingredients that vaping is a reduced risk alternative to smoking.

From my own experience: I feel better, I don’t cough all the time, I have more energy and my smell and taste are enhanced – just by switching to e-cigarettes and quitting smoking. In all honesty – it was a pretty easy escape from a habit that I couldn’t quit for years.

One thing that’s nice about vaping is that you can get different amounts of nicotine in the juice you buy ranging from 24mg to 0. If you want to quit vaping entirely, you can lower this amount over time and continue to enjoy vaping without nicotine at all – or quit entirely.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a reduced-risk alternative to smoking. Vaping is a term e-cigarette users use to describe what they do. There is no smoke involved. E-Cigarettes and other vaping devices produce vapor that contains flavored nicotine. There is no tobacco involved or smoke for that matter – hence the term “vaping”.

Are e cigarettes cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

Yes. There is a startup cost of getting some kind of atomizer, battery, charger and juice. Starter kits can typically run under $100. After that you’ll need to replace your atomizers occasionally and you’ll need to refill juice. Depending on your preferences, taste and usage this typically runs a fraction of the cost of smoking traditional tobacco products.

Lets look at the numbers for a “pack a day” smoker. Tobacco prices vary widely from state to state, so you might do you own math based on local cigarette prices.

Traditional Cigarettes
Pack of cigarettes: $10
Pack a day per year: $3,650

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Startup Cost
Joyetech C-Twist 900mAh battery (2) $25
USB charger and plug (1) $14
iClear 16 Cartomizer (2) $12
Startup Cost: $76

On Going Costs:
Juice – $30 a month
Atomizers – $10 a month
Cost Per Year: $480

Savings: $3170

Please note that this is just a rough estimate based on a pack-a-day habit. Your mileage can vary. Also note that half of the fun of vaping over smoking is the gear. If you are a gear head you can end up spending way more on your habit than what is outlined above. But in general, vaping is MUCH less expensive than smoking.

How Do You Use An Electronic Cigarette?

The cheap e-cigarettes you buy at gas stations, drug stores and 7-11’s are dead simple to use. You just suck on them and they light up and produce vapor. Most people who commit to vaping exclusively find these cheap and tasteless, but they’ll do in a real pinch. More advanced electronic cigarettes, or mods, involve a battery and some kind of tank that turns e-juice into vapor. The only operation here is holding a button that electronically turns the juice into vapor.

Really advanced gear involves building the coil yourself, but there are many mods that you can use with replaceable parts that are as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Why do vapers have lots of gear?

Well this is just part of the deal. Smoking is terrible and extremely difficult to quit. Vaping has become a culture. Part of that culture is the gear, gadgets, toys and flavors. Its part of getting rid of the addiction of actually smoking. Non-smokers probably won’t understand this, but its part of the commitment to not smoking and what makes vaping extremely enjoyable!