Thank you for visiting Vapor Mods! I started this site a year ago after I quit smoking. The reason I was able to quit was electronic cigarettes had finally gotten to a point where they actually preformed well and for me this was a much reduced risk alternative to my 20 year smoking habit.

A few weeks ago from writing this, I celebrated my one year anniversary of being smoke-free. I feel better, I have more energy and I’m absolutely loving life in a way that I didn’t see possible before I made the switch. At that time there really wasn’t a good resource online for vaping and I decided to start Vapor Mods as a result.

Electronic cigarettes have taken many shapes over the last few years. The early stuff was pretty crude and unreliable compared to what you have for options now. I have to admit that I’m a gear head and I’m absolutely fascinated with the options we all have right now and the way an entire industry has cropped up.

The point of Vapor Mods is to share my obsession with you. Vaping is such a life changer for so many people and Vapor Mods is a celebration of that. I’m excited about all kinds of vape-related hardware and gear. I buy way too much of it as well. So my mission here is to help you make better buying choices as I review objectively and share these with you.

I am not sponsored by any of the companies here. I do sometimes receive review gear from companies which I note when that does happen. In no way is my opinion shaped by review gear. If its really bad I don’t review it. There have been many cases where this has been the situation.

Thanks for visiting and I hope I can share some of the products I’m excited about with you!