IPV4 Box Mod from Pioneer4you

ipv4 mod from pioneer4you

In stock for $84.99

100 Watts for $85 – not bad at all!

The iPV4 is the newest in the iPV lineup from Pioneer4you. I own the iPV3 and really liked it despite the few flaws. The bottom line here is that you get a nice regulated device with tons of power. The price is very reasonable for a regulated device. This is what makes the iPV4 mod worth buying.

The device is made of aluminum and has a removable grip that allows access to the battery compartment. This is much nicer than the previous design and makes everything more convenient. There is adequate venting and a nice 510 connection that makes this compatible with all your atomizers and tanks.

The iPV4 is built around the YiHi SX330-V4S chip which will support temperature control. Pinoeer4you is finishing the firmware that will allow this – you will be able to download the firmware for free and install it via the mini USB port.

The chip is powered by 2 18650 batteries. I actually prefer this because you get much better battery life and performance than you do with single 18650 regulated mods. There is a size compromise because you’ve got 2 batteries, but the iPV4 design is quite comfortable in the hand. It is smaller than the iPV3 which was acceptable, but on the large side.

The device can deliver power up to 100 watts. This is insane and WAY more than anyone would need. You’d actually be crazy to be vaping that hot… but I do like the fact that I’ve got the power if I want it.

You will need to charge the batteries outside the unit. There is a 9 volt charging port, but there is no charger in the box. When Pioneer4you released the iPV3 it was supposed to support in-device charging, but there were safety issues. Personally I wish they would just take these off since no one actually knows if the issue was fixed or not. Charge your batteries in an external charger and you’ll be fine.

All in all I’d recommend the iPV4 – the price point is exceptional and despite Pioneer4you’s strange need to rush all their products out, it does work well and does what its supposed to. Very solid device.

In stock for $84.99

ipv4 mod from pioneer4you
IPV4 - Button Layout
IPV4 Battery Venting
IPV4 - Top View
IPV4 - Battery Compartment