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Vamo 30 Watt

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Oh my, the Vamo 30 Watt is now here! Like many vapers, I’ve got a soft spot for the Vamo. It was the first serious mod I bought. I upgraded from the EGO C-Twist and a serious upgrade it was! I had 2 of them – wore the first one completely out. For a long time, the Vamo was the go-to regulated mod for serious vapers. It was a great step up from starter kits and it was a serious performer for its time. In fact, the Vamo 5 is still popular among the vape community. But it did need some serious upgrades and over the last year alone, its become dated.

The new craze are chips that get away from pulse modulation power and go up to 30 watts. The Vamo quickly became out-powered and out dated for people looking for a regulated mod.

Well Kangside has finally caught up with the market and they now offer the Vamo 30 watt. Its a solidly built variable wattage mod from China. Its the next generation of Vamo mods.

What’s New in the Vamo 30 Watt

Kangside have both improved and simplified the new Vamo. I really like the direction they’ve taken. Gone are the mean/rms options and also the option of using variable voltage. People who like to fidget with their gear will likely complain about this one, but for me – these options were completely unnecessary. Most people have no idea what the difference between mean and RMS power are – and they shouldn’t care! There’s only one power setting you want this on. As for the ability to change the voltage – you don’t need this either. It was on the Vamo V5 because this was the way we all used to vape before variable wattage came along. You set the voltage to taste for the most part and go. Or you can spend lots of time looking through the tedious math charts that can be found online to try and tell yourself where you should be vaping.

Vamo 30 Watt

Vamo 30 Watt familiar button layout

The Vamo 30 Watt is variable wattage only. This means there’s no fiddling through menus or figuring out which buttons to push and when. Its now as dead simple as the design should actually be. You have the same configuration as the Vamo V5: a big firing button and two small buttons that drive the wattage up and down between 7 and 30 watts. You hold either button and the numbers auto scroll. AND the wattage is available in .1 increments. Much of this new design is centered around the new chip by KSD. Gone is the pulse width modulation and power dropoff on higher settings. This is a solid performer.

And now your easy-to-use Vamo goes all the way up to 30 watts. Lets be honest – this is way more than enough for what people need. And you can now sub-ohm vape on the Vamo down to .6 ohms. That’s not extreme of course, but it does work. This type of 30 watt regulated device is not designed for sub-ohm vaping, but it will support it down to .6.

The biggest change on the Vamo V5 is the screen. Its been moved back to the other side of the mod from the buttons and its been turned sideways. This is not the end of the world – the simplicity of the button setup still makes this a joy to use, but I really miss the older, smaller screen. I can live with it though – this chip is FAR better than what we saw in the previous versions of Vamo mods.

Speaking of the screen – its easy to read and well designed. The big number in the middle gives you the wattage. You can see the ohm of your coil and the determined voltage on the left side of the screen. I miss the older screen, but I like that you can see everything without having to go into menus. This is a bonus that actually makes me forgive the backside location. The Vamo 30 Watt is extremely easy to use and adjust.

Vamo 30 Watt

Vamo 30 Watt | Kangside 30

The new Vamo also comes with the standard regulated features such as firing protection (you can vape up to 10 seconds), reverse battery protection and 5 click on and off locking from the firing switch.

Also simplified are battery compatibility and finish options. Right now the Vamo 30 watt is only available in stainless steel. This is fine – I love the gun metal finish, but it starts wearing off in only a few weeks. Stainless looks sharp and its much more low maintenance.

Battery compatibility is 18650 only. That means this is a long mod. I kept my Vamo V5 in 18350 mode to cut this down. I’m sure this decision was because the 30 Watt requires a bigger battery. Not a big deal.

And finally, remember the awful, weak 510 connection on the Vamo V5? The 510 connection is much more solid finally!

Is the Vamo for me?

I think so. I don’t see who couldn’t use this in their collection really. If you are a beginner and want to step up to something with more power – the Vamo 30 Watt certainly fits the bill. Its reliable and extremely easy to use.

I’m not a beginner, I’m an advanced vaper. I prefer drippers and mechanical mods because they are cool and I just love using them. I still will use my Vamo though now! The setups I prefer are fidgety and require constant adjustment and cleaning. I won’t drip in the car because its dangerous. The new Vamo is perfect for use in the car or even on road trips where you want to get a solid vape, but don’t have time to mess around with the mechanical stuff. I keep it on my desk while working too. I love this mod and its a solid performer. I loved the Vamo V5 for the same reasons and this one is a lot better. Its simple and performs up to modern standards. AND the price point is just right. Most 30 Watt box mods will run you $160-$300 depending on what you get. The Vamo 30 Watt is $69.99!!! And its not a box!

Available In Stock for $69.99

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  1. matias says

    Thanks for all the interesting reviews. There is one thing I did not get clearly, though. Can the Vamo 30W be used with a dripper like the Tobh? You seem to imply not, but that might be me not understanding.
    If it doesn’t, what would you recommend as a good mod for direct dripping?

    • Vapor Mods says

      Sure – it will support any build down to .6 ohms. I prefer my Tobh for mechanical mods, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work with this.

      • Justin says

        Does this come with a battery charger or just the mod…? I know its probably a stupid question but i just want to be completely sure before I spend the money on both, and if I need the charger what kind would be recommended?

        • Vapor Mods says

          Justin – it is powered by a single 18650 battery. Any battery charger will work as the battery is removable. You’ll need a battery and charger separately.

          • bredy says

            Just bought this device today. I just lost my itaste mvp with a aerotank 2. I’m trying this device with my wives protank 2 but it didn’t work… the mod shut down after I hook up the tank. Can someone tell me y?

  2. Neal says

    @ bredy… could be several reasons. The best way to check, is to hook a multimeter to the contacts on the atomizer and check the resistance. one to the center pin, the other to the threads.. it should be between .6 and 2.5 ohms. If you have an ohm checker, that makes things that much easier. My first guess, would be there’s a short somewhere.

    @Vapormods. You have yet to post my two go to devices, the Sigeli 100W with a Fogger 4.1. both are great, and they’re a great combo.

    The sigeli, well, you don’t HAVE to go to 100W.. in fact, I usually stay at around 20W with a Kayfun or my fogger. However, the option is there if I wanted to hookup a TOBH or a dripper. It can be both, and it does both well.

    The Fogger 4.1 has been a solid performer. Even though putting two coils on two posts can be frustrating, it’s everything the Aqua SHOULD have been.

    also, the Istick.. I believe with it’s rising popularity, it might be an MVP killer. at 20W, it offers a steady supply of vaping power, longevity, and ease of use.. all in a package that’s smaller than an MVP.

    Just food for thought.