Jinamods Fairy Ebony wood Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Fairy Mod Ebony in stock for $180

Note: This is a limited edition run of 500. If you want one – get it, they won’t last very long.

The Fairy Mod is a carved ebony mod from Jinamods in Korea. I did a double take when I first saw this and ordered it pretty much immediately. This thing is gorgeous and its quite a performer as well. The price tag is a little high and I realize this will concern some people, but I really am pleased with this and feel it was totally worth the money. In this review, I’ll break down the Jinamods Fairy and show you what you’re getting in this beautiful mod.

Though not the same company, I understand that Jinamods is related somehow to RJMod (also from Korea). If you’re familiar with RJMod, you’ll know the kind of craftsmanship and beauty that go into this. And of course, it looks amazing with the Cats RDA.

What is the Jinamods Fairy?

The Jinamods Fairy is a 18650 mod made of brass with an ebony shell. I really haven’t seen anything like this to date – its quite unique, quite a conversation starter and an all around beautiful piece of work.

The Fairy comes in 3 sections held together with a top cap and bottom firing switch. The mod is essentially a polished brass tube mod with 2 wood sections made of ebony that fit on the outside and are bound when you screw on the bottom switch and top cap.

The Jinamods Fairy has a large, locking firing bottom switch that is engraved with the Fairy logo. Its got a very short throw and is extremely smooth to vape on. It is surprisingly light weight as well considering its brass case. Its also wider in diameter than a standard metal tube mod coming in at 25mm. So this won’t sit flush with an RDA or tank, but don’t think of it that way – this is a completely different look and its quite stunning. Its also worth noting that this is a limited run of 500 pieces, so when you buy this you’ll have a nice investment if you decide to sell it one day.

The connection pins are both made of brass like the rest of the mod. The Jinamods Fairy hits fast and hard – I’m really impressed with it actually. I’ve not tested for any formal voltage drop, but you can tell when you light this up that this is well made and heavy hitting. I’ve not seen any clones of this yet, so its really quite unique and I feel well worth the price tag.

The bottom switch is smooth to lock and fire. It features a brass base pin and an insulator to prevent shorting agains the battery. The top cap features a floating pin mixed with a screw pin. Its really pretty easy to set up – attach your RDA to the 510 connection, then you’ll need to adjust a few times with the screw pin to get rid of any battery rattle and you’re set. Since the Jinamods Fairy is 18650 only – the adjustment is quite sensitive – you don’t have to move it much. If its too loose you’ll feel the battery rattle. If its too tight the wood exterior will spin so there’s definitely a sweet spot you’ll need to look for. Once set up its a breeze to use.

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Performance, Looks and Style

As I’ve said here – the Jinamods Fairy is drop dead beautiful. I’ve totally fallen in love with this mod as I expected I would. I’ve been using it with my Tobh V2 and the performance is outstanding. Its extremely responsive – just hit the switch and it goes to full power almost immediately. I realize you’d expect that at this price point, but you’d be surprised how many expensive mods have unacceptable voltage drop. Not the Fairy – its outstanding. It hits hard and performs with the best.

The mod is overall really light weight. The switch does us a spring, but it feels right and is quite responsive. Also worth noting is that you can set this mod down without locking the switch and it won’t fire! This is almost unheard of and I’m sure its due to the right amount of tension on the spring mixed with the overall lighter weight of the mod.

The ebony is rarely seen in vaping hardware and its really impressive. Its got an oiled finish that is stunning and easy to maintain. You can clean it with olive oil. Its really quite an eye catcher. I’d say of all the mods I own – this is perhaps the most beautiful. You will want to hit the brass with a polish cloth now and then to keep this looking its best, but other than that its pretty low maintenance.

Heat is non-exsistant with this mod. Its well ventilated and the ebony keeps it feeling cool, even under heavy use.

I bought this with my own hard-earned cash. I know the price is a little steep, but it was with every penny. If you want a really nice mod – this is the one to get!

Jinamods Fairy Mod Ebony in stock for $180

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