Axis Mod by Ante Meridiem

Axis Mod

Axis Mod

In Stock for $280

The Axis Mod is a variable voltage mod designed for regulated sub-ohm vaping. Its made by Ante Meridiem out of exotic Kamagong wood (iron wood) in the Philippines. Its a power-regulated v/v device that uses 2 18650 batteries and features variable voltage via the side dial from 2 to 5 volts.

Let me start this review by saying this thing is gorgeous!!! I wasn’t sure a wood box mod was my thing, but after seeing this and using it – I really love it. It is simply amazing.

Axis Mod Design and Construction

As I mentioned, the Axis is made out of Komagong wood which is native to the Philippines. Its tough as nails so you won’t be damaging this by any means. Its probably stronger than most metal mods.

The design is really beautiful. Its got an oil finish so it feels like a smooth piece of carved wood. There are finger notches on the power side which make this mod extremely comfortable to hold and use. It form fits to your hand quite nicely. The controls on this mod are minimal and quite simple. On one side of the device you have a stainless steel power button and a black voltage dial. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the voltage and counter clockwise to decrease. Its plain and simple.

Axis Mod

Axis Mod Firing switch and Voltage Dial

On the other side of the mod you have the LED readout which looks nice as well. This readout gives you the set voltage as you’re firing the switch.

The back side of the device features a sliding door which houses 2 18650 batteries. This panel is held in place by 2 small magnets. Its clean and discreet without looking like a large panel. A second panel is glued down, but this houses the circuitry and electronics. It keeps everything completely hidden.

The construction is very high quality. There’s no glue or bad carpentry anywhere. This is one of the nicest looking box mods of this kind that I’ve seen – particularly when you consider how difficult this wood is to work with. The wood has a beautiful grain to it. It has a 2-tone chocolate color to it that is stunning.

Built For Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you are interested in the Axis, you have to understand that this is a regulated device for coil builds under 1 ohm. If you use anything higher, you’re likely not going to get a decent vape off of this. Its not like a DNA20 or DNA30 device that will take just about anything. This is built for the sub-ohm audience much like the littleman that I reviewed a while back. Its extremely similar to the littleman that Project SubOhm is developing, but its much further along in terms of production quality. While the littleman has more features, this mod is more finished so it depends on what you want in a mod.

Axis Mod

Axis Mod back panel

The electronics feature a 16 amp chip limit hence the sub-ohm targeted design. It is capable of 76.8 watts of power which is really nice. However this only runs up to 5 volts so its perfect if you’re a subohm vaper. As a note you need to use 30amp rated batteries. The best I’ve found are the Sony VTC5’s. They are affordable and better than anything else out there so just go with these. I still can’t figure out why people cheap out on batteries just to save a dollar. Spend the extra dollar and get the VTC5’s for all your mods.

The electronics offer over-current protection, short circuit protection and thermal auto shutdown for full protection.

The 510 connection is really nice. Its very smooth and features a high temperature 510 insulator.

Why Is This Better Than A Mechanical Mod?

Sub-ohm vaping works wonderfully with mechanical mods. So why would you have any need for a box mod with electronics inside? Well this is regulated. You can dial in exactly how much power you prefer when vaping.

The best feature of a regulated device is lack of power drop off. If you use a mechanical mod it starts out at full power. As you start vaping, this power gradually drops off as the battery holds less and less of a charge. The Axis is designed to use a second battery to compensate for this drop-off (this is why there are 2 batteries inside). So you have consistent power for the entire battery cycle. This is why I love box mods. I still like my mech mods mainly because I love the way they look, but a regulated mod is a much more consistent experience.

Is the Axis my next mod?

Axis Mod

Axis Mod – LED readout

If you are a sub-ohm kind of person you’ll love this. Its gorgeous and works flawlessly. Mechanical mod vaping can be very fidgety and if you’re out and about and just want to vape you might not want to goof around with battery rattle, changing batteries and all the other annoyances. The Axis is a tight mod. I also love the wood build. It looks more finished and professional than the project boxes most box mods are made of.

There are a few small details missing here. Not the end of the world, but would be nice to see on here.

The LED only gives you the voltage readout and it only gives it to you when you are firing the switch. It would be really nice just to have this hold for a second or two after firing. This would make it easier to adjust.

There is no power lock so you need to be careful if you put this in a pocket. Its relatively recessed, but it would still be nice to be able to lock the device.

And finally there is no way to tell how much power is left on the batteries. I guess you just vape this until it stops. I will say you get plenty of battery life on this with 2 18650’s. If you just recharge every night you’ll be fine, but this is a pretty useful feature that’s clearly missing.

All in all I do recommend this mod if you want a regulated device designed for sub-ohm use. The complaints are minor and you might just find this is something you’ll enjoy using daily!

In Stock for $280

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  1. Darrell says

    I’m very intrigued by this mod, I mostly sub ohm , but have a Provari for my Kayfun, Nautilus and such,…as far mech mods I have a copper stingray and an authentic Maraxus(which I’m very disappointed in, can’t go below.5 ohm without the firing button getting hot, and not warm either I’m talking burn you’re finger hot) so I’m in the market for a new authentic mech, was looking at the Triquetra which I love, but I found out it’s spring loaded like my Maraxus, so I don’t want to drop 200+ bucks again and can’t go under .5 ohms,.. I definitely know for sure I want either a copper mech or a box mod like this,.. any recommendations? I love that the Triquetra can use both 18650 and 26650 batteries,you’re pretty much getting a 3 in 1 when you buy it, just wish I knew more about it, …I’m the same as you a love the way a mech mod looks, and never really considered getting a box mod,.. that and every mod that comes out people clone it lol which kind of sucks,… Thanks for any info, and great review! Email me if this is 2 much of a comment lol,.take care!

    • Jason H. says

      GET THE AXIS!!! It’s the Les Paul of the Mod world. Dependable serious piece of gear. For me it’s pretty much replaced my mech mods and I’ve got some authentic bad ass one’s too! If you are looking for something that’ll light up sub-ohm coils and never need constant tweaking this this THE ONE!!! The Axis is a complete functional piece of Art. Maybe a bit pricey but you won’t regret it… I’ve thought to buy another one just for safe keeping…It’s that GOOD!

  2. Kevin says

    Hey I bought an Axiz and I’m having a problem with it firing. My tug boat V2 makes contact with the brass pin inside the 510 and I even had the pin out all the way to ensure contact. Trust me, i have tried everything including testing all my battles in different devices. I have cleaned the 510 inside and out. Any ideas?

  3. RC says

    Is there anyway to get this mod fixed? I just bought a new one from a vendor. After 2 days its not firing and I do not have a short on my RDA.

    • Vapor Mods says

      Why don’t you call the vendor you purchased it from? Surely they’ll replace it or fix it.