Vamo 30 Watt Kangside 30

Vamo 30 Watt

Vamo 30 Watt Display

Available In Stock for $69.99

Oh my, the Vamo 30 Watt is now here! Like many vapers, I’ve got a soft spot for the Vamo. It was the first serious mod I bought. I upgraded from the EGO C-Twist and a serious upgrade it was! I had 2 of them – wore the first one completely out. For a long time, the Vamo was the go-to regulated mod for serious vapers. It was a great step up from starter kits and it was a serious performer for its time. In fact, the Vamo 5 is still popular among the vape community. But it did need some serious upgrades and over the last year alone, its become dated.

The new craze are chips that get away from pulse modulation power and go up to 30 watts. The Vamo quickly became out-powered and out dated for people looking for a regulated mod.

Well Kangside has finally caught up with the market and they now offer the Vamo 30 watt. Its a solidly built variable wattage mod from China. Its the next generation of Vamo mods.

What’s New in the Vamo 30 Watt

Kangside have both improved and simplified the new Vamo. I really like the direction they’ve taken. Gone are the mean/rms options and also the option of using variable voltage. People who like to fidget with their gear will likely complain about this one, but for me – these options were completely unnecessary. Most people have no idea what the difference between mean and RMS power are – and they shouldn’t care! There’s only one power setting you want this on. As for the ability to change the voltage – you don’t need this either. It was on the Vamo V5 because this was the way we all used to vape before variable wattage came along. You set the voltage to taste for the most part and go. Or you can spend lots of time looking through the tedious math charts that can be found online to try and tell yourself where you should be vaping.

Vamo 30 Watt

Vamo 30 Watt familiar button layout

The Vamo 30 Watt is variable wattage only. This means there’s no fiddling through menus or figuring out which buttons to push and when. Its now as dead simple as the design should actually be. You have the same configuration as the Vamo V5: a big firing button and two small buttons that drive the wattage up and down between 7 and 30 watts. You hold either button and the numbers auto scroll. AND the wattage is available in .1 increments. Much of this new design is centered around the new chip by KSD. Gone is the pulse width modulation and power dropoff on higher settings. This is a solid performer.

And now your easy-to-use Vamo goes all the way up to 30 watts. Lets be honest – this is way more than enough for what people need. And you can now sub-ohm vape on the Vamo down to .6 ohms. That’s not extreme of course, but it does work. This type of 30 watt regulated device is not designed for sub-ohm vaping, but it will support it down to .6.

The biggest change on the Vamo V5 is the screen. Its been moved back to the other side of the mod from the buttons and its been turned sideways. This is not the end of the world – the simplicity of the button setup still makes this a joy to use, but I really miss the older, smaller screen. I can live with it though – this chip is FAR better than what we saw in the previous versions of Vamo mods.

Speaking of the screen – its easy to read and well designed. The big number in the middle gives you the wattage. You can see the ohm of your coil and the determined voltage on the left side of the screen. I miss the older screen, but I like that you can see everything without having to go into menus. This is a bonus that actually makes me forgive the backside location. The Vamo 30 Watt is extremely easy to use and adjust.

Vamo 30 Watt

Vamo 30 Watt | Kangside 30

The new Vamo also comes with the standard regulated features such as firing protection (you can vape up to 10 seconds), reverse battery protection and 5 click on and off locking from the firing switch.

Also simplified are battery compatibility and finish options. Right now the Vamo 30 watt is only available in stainless steel. This is fine – I love the gun metal finish, but it starts wearing off in only a few weeks. Stainless looks sharp and its much more low maintenance.

Battery compatibility is 18650 only. That means this is a long mod. I kept my Vamo V5 in 18350 mode to cut this down. I’m sure this decision was because the 30 Watt requires a bigger battery. Not a big deal.

And finally, remember the awful, weak 510 connection on the Vamo V5? The 510 connection is much more solid finally!

Is the Vamo for me?

I think so. I don’t see who couldn’t use this in their collection really. If you are a beginner and want to step up to something with more power – the Vamo 30 Watt certainly fits the bill. Its reliable and extremely easy to use.

I’m not a beginner, I’m an advanced vaper. I prefer drippers and mechanical mods because they are cool and I just love using them. I still will use my Vamo though now! The setups I prefer are fidgety and require constant adjustment and cleaning. I won’t drip in the car because its dangerous. The new Vamo is perfect for use in the car or even on road trips where you want to get a solid vape, but don’t have time to mess around with the mechanical stuff. I keep it on my desk while working too. I love this mod and its a solid performer. I loved the Vamo V5 for the same reasons and this one is a lot better. Its simple and performs up to modern standards. AND the price point is just right. Most 30 Watt box mods will run you $160-$300 depending on what you get. The Vamo 30 Watt is $69.99!!! And its not a box!

Available In Stock for $69.99

Also check out the new Jinamods Fairy in Ebony

Jinamods Fairy Ebony wood Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Fairy Mod Ebony in stock for $180

Note: This is a limited edition run of 500. If you want one – get it, they won’t last very long.

The Fairy Mod is a carved ebony mod from Jinamods in Korea. I did a double take when I first saw this and ordered it pretty much immediately. This thing is gorgeous and its quite a performer as well. The price tag is a little high and I realize this will concern some people, but I really am pleased with this and feel it was totally worth the money. In this review, I’ll break down the Jinamods Fairy and show you what you’re getting in this beautiful mod.

Though not the same company, I understand that Jinamods is related somehow to RJMod (also from Korea). If you’re familiar with RJMod, you’ll know the kind of craftsmanship and beauty that go into this. And of course, it looks amazing with the Cats RDA.

What is the Jinamods Fairy?

The Jinamods Fairy is a 18650 mod made of brass with an ebony shell. I really haven’t seen anything like this to date – its quite unique, quite a conversation starter and an all around beautiful piece of work.

The Fairy comes in 3 sections held together with a top cap and bottom firing switch. The mod is essentially a polished brass tube mod with 2 wood sections made of ebony that fit on the outside and are bound when you screw on the bottom switch and top cap.

The Jinamods Fairy has a large, locking firing bottom switch that is engraved with the Fairy logo. Its got a very short throw and is extremely smooth to vape on. It is surprisingly light weight as well considering its brass case. Its also wider in diameter than a standard metal tube mod coming in at 25mm. So this won’t sit flush with an RDA or tank, but don’t think of it that way – this is a completely different look and its quite stunning. Its also worth noting that this is a limited run of 500 pieces, so when you buy this you’ll have a nice investment if you decide to sell it one day.

The connection pins are both made of brass like the rest of the mod. The Jinamods Fairy hits fast and hard – I’m really impressed with it actually. I’ve not tested for any formal voltage drop, but you can tell when you light this up that this is well made and heavy hitting. I’ve not seen any clones of this yet, so its really quite unique and I feel well worth the price tag.

The bottom switch is smooth to lock and fire. It features a brass base pin and an insulator to prevent shorting agains the battery. The top cap features a floating pin mixed with a screw pin. Its really pretty easy to set up – attach your RDA to the 510 connection, then you’ll need to adjust a few times with the screw pin to get rid of any battery rattle and you’re set. Since the Jinamods Fairy is 18650 only – the adjustment is quite sensitive – you don’t have to move it much. If its too loose you’ll feel the battery rattle. If its too tight the wood exterior will spin so there’s definitely a sweet spot you’ll need to look for. Once set up its a breeze to use.

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

Performance, Looks and Style

As I’ve said here – the Jinamods Fairy is drop dead beautiful. I’ve totally fallen in love with this mod as I expected I would. I’ve been using it with my Tobh V2 and the performance is outstanding. Its extremely responsive – just hit the switch and it goes to full power almost immediately. I realize you’d expect that at this price point, but you’d be surprised how many expensive mods have unacceptable voltage drop. Not the Fairy – its outstanding. It hits hard and performs with the best.

The mod is overall really light weight. The switch does us a spring, but it feels right and is quite responsive. Also worth noting is that you can set this mod down without locking the switch and it won’t fire! This is almost unheard of and I’m sure its due to the right amount of tension on the spring mixed with the overall lighter weight of the mod.

The ebony is rarely seen in vaping hardware and its really impressive. Its got an oiled finish that is stunning and easy to maintain. You can clean it with olive oil. Its really quite an eye catcher. I’d say of all the mods I own – this is perhaps the most beautiful. You will want to hit the brass with a polish cloth now and then to keep this looking its best, but other than that its pretty low maintenance.

Heat is non-exsistant with this mod. Its well ventilated and the ebony keeps it feeling cool, even under heavy use.

I bought this with my own hard-earned cash. I know the price is a little steep, but it was with every penny. If you want a really nice mod – this is the one to get!

Jinamods Fairy Mod Ebony in stock for $180

Also check out the Vulcan RDA – Japan’s first RDA

Hades Mod V2

Hades Mod

Hades Mod Version 2

In stock for $220 at VaporDNA

One of the new trends in mechanical mod design is the use of big, fat 26650 batteries and the Hades Mod from Footoon is one of the best on the market. Made in Korea, this is a serious mod for folks who like mechanical vaping.

The Hades Mod is made of three parts, the top cap, battery tube and bottom firing switch. All parts are machined to an amazing level of production standards. The threads are all buttery smooth and the switch is fantastic. The contacts are all silver plated brass. The new Hades mod version 2 features a wonderful matte blasted finish and looks beautiful.

Also it should be noted that the logo on the Hades mod is absolutely gorgeous. From a design standpoint, this mod is absolutely fantastic. Its quite a piece of design that’s definitely worth owning.

Design and Specifications on the Hades Mod

The switch is really well produced. It features 6 vent holes at the base for battery cooling. The Hades mod hits hard and uses a huge 26650 so this is pretty important. The switch is pretty firm. Another nice thing is that the Hades mod comes with both a spring and magnets so you can install whichever you prefer. The magnets give a slightly tighter tolerance on the switch, so if you want less resistance you can use the spring.

The top cap is extremely well thought out as well. There are essentially 2 ways you can set this up. If you want a spring loaded floating pin, you use the installed spring and the pin will conform to the battery length. This works great, but over time the spring can oxidize and affect the performance. So if you don’t want to set it up that way, you remove the spring and flip the pin over. Then you’re connection is fixed. There are two thumbscrew sections that can be adjusted to conform to the battery size. Really nicely thought out.


The performance on this mod is simply outstanding. It hits hard and has excellent performance with very little voltage drop. The reason we’re seeing these big, fat mod designs is so that they can accommodate the new 26650 battery sizes. These batteries give you really long, exceptional battery life at 30 amps. If you like mechanical mods, you’ll love the Hades.

Should I Buy the Hades Mod?

This is a valid question, mainly because this mod is expensive. Personally if you’re interested in a beautifully made, 26650 mod then yes – this is the way to go. And I would buy the real deal – not a clone. I say this because they will hold their value.

These mods are all based on the model of selling out and becoming rare. If you spend the money on one of these, you can bet it will at least hold its value as it becomes harder to find.

If you want long battery life, like a big mod and want a unique and beautiful piece of design – then this is for you.

In stock for $220 at VaporDNA

Need an awesome RDA to go on that Hades? Check out my review of the Zenith Double Cross V2.

littlemaN from Project Sub-Ohm

littlemaN from Project Sub-Ohm

littlemaN from Project Sub-Ohm

Available for $250 (includes 2 Sony VTC5 batteries)

The littlemaN is a variable voltage box mod. These VV box mods are designed for sub-ohm vapers who want more consistency and power than a standard mechanical mod is capable of delivering. My first impressions with the littlemaN are amazingly good. In fact, I haven’t put this thing down since I got the batteries charged up. The performance on this box is outstanding and it may be one of the best vaping experiences I’ve had yet. This thing is a beast, and it delivers the smoothest vapor. Flavor and clouds are huge. Honestly my RDA’s perform so well on this, they almost feel like new RDA’s! I had no idea what kind of performance they were capable of until now. I’ve been alternating between my Castle RDA and my IGO W6 with quad coils. This device is a game changer.

The design is based on a similar concept we’ve seen like the Duke or the HexOhm – but WAY more powerful. The littlemaN is rated to deliver up to 120 watts! This is a project box that comes assembled. The littlemaN requires 2 minimum 30 amp batteries such as the Sony VTC5 (included when you buy it).

Why is the littlemaN better than a mech mod?

Mechanical mods connect an RDA directly to the battery. There are is no circuit or regulation. As the battery dies, the power falls off so the performance is always on the decline as you use it. The littlemaN uses 2 batteries in conjunction with chip by General Electric that deliver up to 5 volts continuously throughout the life of the battery. The result is you always have a full hit and continuous performance. The advantage with the General Electric chip is that its capable of delivering up to 120 watts of power. This is one of the highest outputs you can buy in a box like this.

Another important benefit is safety. Higher wattage can mean higher risk with mech mods. The littlemaN is regulated and is much safer.

Features on the littlemaN

The version I have is described as the “alpha” version. In other words Project Sum Ohm are going to continue to improve it. The construction is pretty good considering this is a first run. The box is big and awkward – kind of like vaping on a guitar pedal. However the button has a great feel and the voltage dial is easy to set.

The outside of the unit features the firing button and the voltage dial. The back of the unit is held on by 4 magnets. There is visible epoxy on the magnets and the parts inside, but the build is solid. It just looks a little messy.

littlemaN from Project Sub-Ohm inside

Inside the littlemaN

When you take off the magnetic back, the inside of the littlemaN reveals the battery holders, two switches and an LED screen. The top switch is a two way master on and off for the entire unit. Easy to use – just turn it off when you’re putting the littlemaN in your pocket to avoid accidental firing.

The second switch is a 3 way switch and will select what you see on the LED display. The center position turns the display off. Switch it to the left and you’ll get a readout of how many volts are being delivered as you fire (fire the switch to see the result). Switch it all the way to the right and you see the remaining battery power.

Now the LED is inside the unit so you’ll need to tweak with the back off to dial in the voltage you want. For me its easier to just go by feel as I turn the switch. Too much power I turn it down – not enough I dial it up. Its extremely easy to use. The dial can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.7 volts of output power.


The littlemaN delivers an amazing vaping experience. I’ve got 2 builds going right now – the Castle is built at .3 ohms and my IGO W6 is built at about .2. Both are amazing on this unit. You get full power the entire life of the batteries. The vapor is warm and smooth – huge clouds! The flavor is top notch though this has more to do with the build and airflow of the RDA being used.

I simply can’t put this down – its that good. There is more than enough power on this unit and I like it best about half way up (4 volts or so).

Is the littlemaN for me?

It depends. If you’re a sub-ohm vapor this is a dream. This is for people who like to build their coils low and blow clouds. If you like big vapor with amazing warm flavor and consistent power – this is for you. Just get it.

If you’re not a sub-ohm builder you’re probably not going to get the performance out of this that makes it worth the cost. You’ll probably want to find a mod that does variable wattage like the DNA20 or DNA30 devices.

Available for $250 (includes 2 Sony VTC5 batteries)

If you prefer mechanical mods, you might look at the Turtle Ship from RJ Mods.

Turtle Ship Mod by RJ Mods

Turtle Ship Mod

Turtle Ship Mod by RJ Mods

Genuine Turtle Ship Mod V2 for $180

Turtle Ship V2 Brass for $20.73
Turtle Ship V2 Stainless Steel for $20.93

Turtle Ship V1 Brass for $22.77
Turtle Ship V1 Stainless Steel for $22.60
Turtle Ship V1 Mixed for $21.79

RJ Mods are making some of the most beautiful and interesting mechanical devices on the vaping market. Made in Korea, the Turtle Ship Mod (or in Korean “Geobukseon”) is an elegant mod that fuses beauty with form and function to create one of the nicest mods you can find.

Geobukseon was the Korean war ship used by the Royal Korean Navy during the Joseon Dynasty (14th to 19th centuries). The Geobukseon or “Turtle Ship” was designed to pack a military force inside a turtle shell like design and sent on to water. Much like the actual ship, the RJ Mods Turtle Ship Mod packs a serious force inside an unassuming package.

Turtle Ship Mod V1 vs V2

Two versions of the Turtle Ship Mod have been released. Both versions have a simple firing button switch and top cap and come in both brushed stainless steel and brass. Both versions also support 18350, 18450 and 18650 batteries as well as a Kick. Both have simple, beautifully elegant graphics in a traditional Korean design – these look fantastic.

Both versions are almost identical in look. The main differences in V2 are a different firing switch design and a Korean quote that translates to “one sweep stains the mountains and rivers in blood.”

There is also a Turtle Ship Mini that uses 14500 batteries only. A nice option if you prefer a more low-profile look. However you are limited to only 14500 batteries.

Turtle Ship Mod

Turtle Ship Mod V2 Switch Design

RJ Mods have also released 2 custom tubes for the Turtle Ship Mod – they feature graphics of either a large turtle or a dragon. Both are beautifully engraved.

The bottom firing switch is a nice design featuring a spring and a bottom plastic insulator which is threaded. There are 2 ways of tightening the mod. If you’ve got an RDA or tank with an adjustable pin you can adjust that to get the mod snug. If not – the bottom plastic insulator is actually threaded and can be adjusted to take up any slack from there.

Update: Version 3

The Turtle Ship Mod version 3 is now available as well. Version 3 features a redesigned top cap, bottom cap graphics and a laser engraving of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin.

Turtle Ship Mod

“one sweep stains the mountains and rivers in blood”

Is the Turtle Ship Mod for me?

I personally love the Turtle Ship and its quickly become my favorite tube mod. The Nemesis has always been a favorite, but the Turtle Ship Mod has a slightly more sleek locking ring. The feel of the brushed finish is fantastic.

Note that if you have the brass version, you will need to get some polish as it tarnishes pretty quickly, but its a beautiful mod with a simple design. The clone versions are top notch as well and this mod would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.

Genuine Turtle Ship Mod V2 for $180

Turtle Ship V2 Brass for $20.73
Turtle Ship V2 Stainless Steel for $20.93

Turtle Ship V1 Brass for $22.77
Turtle Ship V1 Stainless Steel for $22.60
Turtle Ship V1 Mixed for $21.79

See also the CATS RDA from RJ Mod – one of the finest RDA’s out there.

Nemesis Mod

Nemesis Mod with Kayfun Lite

Nemesis Mod with Kayfun Lite

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the sleekest mechanical mods available – the Nemesis mod. I’ve had my Nemesis for about a month now and it has quickly become one of my favorite mods. The Nemesis mod is mechanical – in other words, there are no electronics involved – its basically a battery tube. But being my first mechanical mod, the Nemesis has quickly adapted me and I actually prefer mechanical mods these days for vaping.

The Nemesis is basically a pricy, but sexy looking battery tube. There are some subtleties that make it worth the money beyond just looks and we’ll look at those in this review. Also there are clones available at a much cheaper price. This is not an ethics debate, but I will give you my 2 cents on the matter so please read on.

Nemesis Mod with Battery Tubes

The Nemesis Mod Design

The Nemesis mod is designed and made in Greece by Atmomixani. Its a beautiful, tube adjustable, mechanical mod featuring silver plated contact posts, extension tubes, an airflow controller for 510 air hole devices and a gorgeous laster etched inlay and serial number. The Nemesis mod accommodates 18350, 18490 (each with kick) and 18650 sized batteries.

Both contact pins are thumb adjustable so you can get everything snug and flush keeping the unit as stealth and small as possible. If you’re vaping straight from an 18350 battery, the Nemesis mod nearly disappears in your hand. It really is a beautiful work of art.

The Nemesis mod comes in a few different finish configurations – basically variations on polished and matte stainless steel as well as brass.

The two silver plated contact pins are designed for maximum power translation off of the battery. This mod hits like a champ.

Nemesis Mod Airflow Control

Nemesis Mod Airflow Control Ring

The Nemesis Mod and Mechanical Vaping

If you’ve never used a mechanical device, its not difficult but you need to understand that you’re vaping right off of the raw battery power. So there’s no boosting the wattage or voltage like you can do on something like the Vamo. This simply means you’ll want to be conscious of the ohm resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer. Personally I wrap my own coils to 1.0 ohms or 1.5 ohms depending on the juice and the way I want it to hit – this works out just fine for me. Some people like to use mechanical mods to sub ohm vape at much lower resistance.

If you do want more wattage or control over the power, the Nemesis mod does have room for a kick or kick 2 device. This is a little computer circuit that costs about $45 that you can set the voltage on if you want a boost. I use a kick once in a while – it fits right inside the smaller of the extension rings and works wonders with the Nemesis.

The Nemesis Mod VS Clones

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

So like just about everything else in the world, several companies in China are selling 1:1 spot on clones of the Nemesis. Some people feel this to be pretty controversial because they are also selling them at a fraction of the cost of the original. While this is questionable business practice I personally don’t have a problem with clones. An original Nemesis is practically impossible to find because of the limited production runs so if you want one, you’re best bet is to get a clone. If you have an ethical problem with this, then you could always buy the real thing when they come back in stock – if ever. High end mechanical mods are designed and priced as boutique collectors items. I own some, but I also own clones.

The sad truth is that the Nemesis clone that I’ve got actually hits a little stronger than the original. Not enough to be really noticeable, but that is the one feature that makes or breaks mechanical mods. Some don’t transfer the power well and the vaping experience is less than.

You are welcome to have your own ethical stance on this matter. My whole point is that you’ll find the clones easily and for this review’s sake – the quality is dead on and actually better in the power area.

Vaping the Nemesis Mod

I mentioned earlier that this was my first leap into mechanical mods. I found it was a lot less confusing than I initially thought and I actually only use mechanical mods now – mainly my Nemesis.

I’d recommend a decent tank or dripper if you’re interested. And if you think you need it you can get a Kick 2. Either way this makes a really decent rig. I personally only use mine with a Kayfun Lite during the day and a Trident RDA for dripping in the evening while working or watching TV.

The Nemesis is probably the most beautiful mechanical mod available today. With either the original or the clone – you will not be disappointed.

Nemesis Mod

Where can I find the Nemesis Mod?

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

If you’d like a solid variable voltage/variable wattage mod – don’t miss the iTaste VTR!

Innokin iTaste VTR

Innokin iTaste VTR

On Sale

Available for
» $99.99 at VaporAlley
» $94.99 at Madvapes
» $99.99 at VaporDNA

About the Innokin iTaste VTR

The Innokin iTaste VTR is a steampunk/zippo lighter looking device that’s the big brother of the iTaste MVP. But the iTaste VTR offers much more. Its a variable voltage/variable wattage mod that’s similar to the iTaste MVP, but with a removable 18650 battery. It comes in both stainless steel and army green offering two different looks.

But the magic happens when you realize that this mod is capable of sub-ohm vaping. That’s right – this is the ultimate travel mod for sub-ohm lovers. It claims to support sub-ohm vaping down to .7, but I’ve seen reports of people vaping at .5

This is a big deal as most VV/VW regulated mods don’t fire below 1.3 (in many cases higher than that). So the options for vaping can be limited on these devices. Not any more! The VTR brings it!

Personally when I travel, I don’t have the time or patience to fiddle around with mechanical mods. Leaky tanks, fiddly bodies etc are too much to deal with when busy. Up until now I though the ultimate travel mod was the iTaste MVP – not any more. Get an iTaste VTR and join the club – you’ll love this mod!

Where can I find the iTaste VTR?

Available for $99.99 at VaporAlley or $94.99 at Madvapes

Operating Voltage: 3.0V-6.0V
Release Date: 2013-09-25

The iTaste VTR is a solid variable wattage and voltage vaping device with a detailed finish. It features a rotational wheel and a protective casing to hold the tank inside. The voltage and wattage can be adjusted with the rotational wheel; the screen displays voltage or wattage and offers intuitive control over the settings leading to accurate performance.

iTaste VTR specs

Variable Voltage: 3.0 – 6.0 volts
Variable Wattage: 3.0 – 15.0 W
Short Circuit Protection;
RMS (root mean square);
Reverse Battery Protection Circuit;
Resistive Load Detection (Ohms meter);
ON/OFF battery switch;
LED Battery Power Display;
Low Voltage Warning;
Overtime Vaping Warning (10 second switch cutoff);
Battery safety protection (Vent holes);
High compatibility 510/eGo connector:
Built-in 3 digit display (Ohms meter, Volts /Watts, Atomizer voltage output)
Replaceable Battery: iTaste VTR supports 18650 batteries (unprotected)

Where can I get the iTaste VTR

Available for $99.99 at VaporAlley or $94.99 at Madvapes

Make sure you don’t miss the Russian 91% – probably the best tank you will find.

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

As you can see by looking through this website, vaping has literally changed my life. One of the main reasons I do this site is to hopefully help someone else do the same and kick the habit of smoking analogs. One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people is “What is the best electronic cigarette starter kit” – I understand why this is asked because there is a TON of options out there.

What Constitutes the Best Electronic Cigarette?

The biggest factor you want to consider when deciding on what to buy is convenience. Especially if you are just starting to quit. Its tempting to go back to smoking, but if you have decent gear, you’ll succeed in switching to vaping. So remember you have to keep everything convenient and easy. For me this means:

  1. Having Decent Gear
  2. Having 1 extra battery at all times
  3. Keep extra coils – they go out and taste bad in 1-2 weeks and
  4. A few flavors to choose from

If you can follow that criteria, you’ll never be in a situation where you’ll be tempted to smoke regular analog cigarettes again.

The Best E-Cig Starter Kits

I would easily recommend any of the following. Lets take a look at each kit and see what it has to offer.

jt 1000 upgraded kit 001

JoyeTech 1000mAh Upgraded Kit

This is an excellent kit – it sells for about $39.99 – the thing to be careful with here is that it only comes with 1 battery and 1 tank. This means one flavor and no backups. But not to fear – these are inexpensive. I would suggest getting this kit with one extra battery and one extra tank and you’ll have the variety and backups you need. The Kanger tanks are easy to get coils for and they perform really well. The highlight here is that the battery is 1000mAh. mAh, or milliampere-hour is the duration you get out of the battery. 1000mAh easily lasts me all day. Get a back up so one is always charged and you’ll just switch the battery out every day or so. This kit also comes with a charger, case and lanyard. Keep it all in the case and you’ll be set!

evod kit

Kanger Evod Full Kit

Very similar to the kit above, but this has everything you need – including extra coils for $49.99. The difference here is that the batteries are 650mAh – this will get you almost a full day – at least an 8 hour work day so remember to always be charging the one you’re not using. This is a really quality starter kit – I’d probably start with this one if I were just getting into vaping. Its also got the charger and case you you’ll have everything with you at all times.

vision crystal kits

Vision Crystal Kit

A good buy as well, but probably my least favorite of the above. It is the least expensive however at only $34.99 The batteries are only rated at 400mAh which you will need to be changing out during the day. If you always have one charged this is not a big deal. Personally I think the other 2 options are a little better, but these do come in various colors if that matters to you. Still a solid kit if you can keep things charged. At this price though, you could even consider getting 2 kits!

One other slightly less conventional suggestion

itaste mvp v2 001

If the idea of a box mod doesn’t put you off, you might even think about getting an iTaste MVP 2.0 – its a little more expensive at $64.99 but it is an extremely solid piece of gear. The internal battery is about 2600mAh which for me lasts almost 3 days. You could get a second one for a backup, but I just keep the cable with me so I can charge it at night or on my laptop USB. This is sold as a kit with 2 iClear 16 tanks which perform nicely. Its also Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage so you can dial in the performance and flavor that you really want. Now it is a box mod so this style might not be for everyone, but I really love this mod – especially when traveling. I can charge my iPhone on the USB output as well!

Don’t Forget Juice

Mt Baker

If this is your first time buying an electronic cigarette, you’ll want to try a few juices and discover what you like. I’d recommend Mt Baker because they’re the most affordable. Get a 50-50 mix of VG/PG if you don’t know what that means. You can adjust later. For nicotine levels – it depends on how much you smoke.

2 packs a day – go with 24mg
1 pack a day – go with 18mg

I’d also recommend getting several different flavors to try – make sure they are different. Try a mint, a fruit and a tobacco. My personal favorites from Mt Baker are Thug Juice and Hawk Sauce – both berry/mint combos!

That’s it! Remember – convenience is key. You can do this!

Want to step up to a proper VV/VW mod? This Vamo V5 review could be for you.

Vamo V5 – a full review

Vamo V5

The Vamo V5

Available from VaporAlley – $56.99 and from VaporDNA – $47.99

Vamo V5 – Overview

The Vamo V5 is a reasonably priced VV/VW APV. Its generally held in high regarded by vapers for its ease of use and performance. I recently got my Vamo V5 in the mail and after about 2 months of use, I’m happy to report that its a keeper. Its got some great qualities and features that make it one of the best, most hassle-free APV’s on the market. Sure there are a few gripes that I have with the unit, but for the most part I love it. Lets look at the Vamo V5 a little more in-depth.

What is the Vamo V5?

So what’s new compared to previous versions? The Vamo V5 uses the body style of the Vamo 2 which is cool. The Vamo 3 introduced some great electronics and a new OLED screen, but the body was weird with these stripped swirly lines. For whatever reason we skipped a Version 4 and went straight to the Vamo V5. So essentially V5 is a Vamo 2 body with Vamo 3 electronics. There is also a removable top that makes it easy to get ego mods on and off.

The Good

The Vamo V5 is extremely well built and feels solid in the hand. Its not telescoping, per-se, but it does have a small extension tube that lest you switch between using an 18650 battery and an 18350. Its easy – want the longer battery? Just screw on the extension tube and your Vamo V5 is in 18650 mode.

Vamo V5

The Vamo V5 Button Layout and Display

The control layout is honestly the best of any of these Chinese made APV’s. It features a horizontal screen so its always easy to read. There are 3 buttons – the main firing button and 2 smaller buttons for various functions.

While vaping these 2 smaller buttons turn the voltage up or down or the wattage up or down depending on how you have the power set up on your Vamo V5. I love this – no menu scrolling. Want to know how much battery is left? Hold down the left button for a few seconds and you’ll see the remaining battery power on the screen. Want to check the ohms? Hold down the right button for a few seconds and the resistance readout is on the screen. This really is the easiest APV to use and the main reason I love the Vamo V5.

To get into the system options, hold both buttons down for a little while – this puts you into the menu system. The left button becomes the “scrolling” button while the right sets the options for what you have selected. Its a little werid, but you get used to it really fast.

Also worth noting that you can change the power setting from Mean to RMS. Hold the left button down for a LONG time – 10 seconds or so. What it reads is what its set to. Again – weird, but if you want RMS, hold it down. If it says Mean – you just set the Vamo V5 to Mean so do it again to see it read RMS. Its a little weird, but again – you’ll get used to it.

So that sums up why I love this mod – easy operation, the 3 button layout is fantastic and the unit feels good in the hand. The power output is nice and it performs really well – particularly if you like standard resistance cartomizers or coils. If you’re vaping at 3.0 you’ll need power that lots of mods won’t give you – the Vamo V5 delivers. The Vamo V5 power output uses pulse width modulation which I have no problem with. It vapes beautifully.

The Bad

Okay so the Vamo V5 is not without flaws. First off is the length of the unit. Its too long in 18650 mode. It feels like a skinny lightsaber so stealth it is not. The Vamo V5 in 18350 mode is fine, but even this should be shorter. There is a lot of wasted space where the electronics and screen are. Not the end of the world – I got over it. But trust me you’ll want smaller batteries – carry a few spares around and you’ll be fine.

Vamo V5

Vamo V5 510 connection fix using a tank airflow controller.

The second complaint is the 510 connection. Its weak. This is a classic problem with Vamo’s in general. Some are better than others. The solution is this – either be very careful when connecting your tanks or you can do what I did. I got a 510 “airflow controller” to act as a buffer. The airflow controller is basically 2 washers that control airflow to the 510 if that’s where your air holes are. I don’t use it for this – I just pop that on and it holds the Vamo 510 connection more snug. This will solve the problem. I know its a pain, but its a $1 fix. For me it was worth it because I like this unit so much better than my other mods.


If you don’t have a Vamo – get this. VaporAlley has them for $56.99 and from VaporDNA for $47.99. I recommend the brushed stainless steel. The Gun Metal finish is cool, but it comes off too easily. I like a beaten up look, but not everyone does. The brushed stainless will stay clean and look great.

If you already have a Vamo V2 or V3 – this mod gives you the same performance with the only enhancement being the screen. It is beautiful so if you want aesthetics get it – its cheap. But there’s no major performance difference.

Available from VaporAlley – $56.99 and from VaporDNA – $47.99

Vamo V5 Specs

Variable voltage 3.0 – 6.0V (.1 increments)
Variable wattage 3 – 15W (.5W increments)
Voltage operation selection (RMS or Mean)*
Multiple battery options (single 18650, dual 18350, single 18350)
Atomizer resistance display
Battery voltage display
eGo/510 threading (recessed)
Chrome over copper construction
Chrome over copper button
Blue OLED readout
Over/under current protection
Low resistance protection
Approximately 5 3/8″ Long and 7/8″ diameter. (Complete unit)

Available from VaporAlley – $56.99 and from VaporDNA – $47.99

If you like Cartomizer Tanks, don’t miss our AGR+ review and tutorial – goes great with the Vamo V5!

Innokin iTaste MVP v2

Innoken iTaste MVP v2

Available at MtBaker Vapor for $59.99

The new Innokin iTaste MVP v2 is now out! As if version 1 wasn’t good enough, Innokin have now released version 2. Version 2 now adds variable wattage so this little box mod is now both variable voltage and variable wattage!

Still includes the goofy puff counter, but alas this is one hell of a mod.

If I were recommending a starter kit to someone I’d be really tempted to just tell them to get this with 2 clearomizers and some juice. Its really that good.

iTaste MVP – What’s New?

Like the version 1, the iTaste MVP v2 still has an external USB port for recharging a cell phone or other device. This unit is the perfect travel companion. In fact, I’ve got an upcoming trip to Montreal and I’m planning on only taking this with some Kanger Protank II’s and some juice.

The battery is non-replaceable, but does feature 2600mAh. This goes literally for days without needing to be recharged. I absolutely loved version 1 and this one is a hair better if you like to just set the wattage and go from there.

The street price about $60 – they have them in stock at Mt Baker Vapor. Considering you don’t have to buy batteries this is a steal. In fact, the kit at Mt Baker comes with juice and an iClear 30 clearomizer. This is a complete kit. Nothing more to buy.

Recommended hands down.

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
Operating Voltage: 3.3-5.0 V
Charing Time: 3.5H-5.5H
Colors: Silver, Titanium Blue ,Black, Carbon Fiber

As an upgrade of the original iTaste MVP, the iTaste MVP V2.0 has substantial improvements in both appearance and function.

Where can I buy an iTaste MVP?

MtBaker has them in stock for $59.99

Variable Voltage:
voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 11.0 W in .5 watts increments.
Ohmsmeter :
Reads resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer.
Puff Counter:
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
Over-Discharge Protection:
Battery Level Indicator:
Large battery capacity:
iTaste MVP e-cigarette built-in 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
High compatibility 510 connector:
Thread fit iClear10,iClear16 ,iClear30 etc
ON/OFF battery switch:
10 seconds cutoff:
Remembers last set voltage or wattage
Remembers last set voltage or wattage when the battery is turned off and then back on.
Built-in 3 digit display:
Digital display shows Ohms meter, Voltage /Wattage setting, number of puffs taken since last time the
battery was turned off.
Portable power source for electronic products

There are still some amazing deals available on the iTaste MVP version 1.