Hades Mod V2

Hades Mod

Hades Mod Version 2

In stock for $220 at VaporDNA

One of the new trends in mechanical mod design is the use of big, fat 26650 batteries and the Hades Mod from Footoon is one of the best on the market. Made in Korea, this is a serious mod for folks who like mechanical vaping.

The Hades Mod is made of three parts, the top cap, battery tube and bottom firing switch. All parts are machined to an amazing level of production standards. The threads are all buttery smooth and the switch is fantastic. The contacts are all silver plated brass. The new Hades mod version 2 features a wonderful matte blasted finish and looks beautiful.

Also it should be noted that the logo on the Hades mod is absolutely gorgeous. From a design standpoint, this mod is absolutely fantastic. Its quite a piece of design that’s definitely worth owning.

Design and Specifications on the Hades Mod

The switch is really well produced. It features 6 vent holes at the base for battery cooling. The Hades mod hits hard and uses a huge 26650 so this is pretty important. The switch is pretty firm. Another nice thing is that the Hades mod comes with both a spring and magnets so you can install whichever you prefer. The magnets give a slightly tighter tolerance on the switch, so if you want less resistance you can use the spring.

The top cap is extremely well thought out as well. There are essentially 2 ways you can set this up. If you want a spring loaded floating pin, you use the installed spring and the pin will conform to the battery length. This works great, but over time the spring can oxidize and affect the performance. So if you don’t want to set it up that way, you remove the spring and flip the pin over. Then you’re connection is fixed. There are two thumbscrew sections that can be adjusted to conform to the battery size. Really nicely thought out.


The performance on this mod is simply outstanding. It hits hard and has excellent performance with very little voltage drop. The reason we’re seeing these big, fat mod designs is so that they can accommodate the new 26650 battery sizes. These batteries give you really long, exceptional battery life at 30 amps. If you like mechanical mods, you’ll love the Hades.

Should I Buy the Hades Mod?

This is a valid question, mainly because this mod is expensive. Personally if you’re interested in a beautifully made, 26650 mod then yes – this is the way to go. And I would buy the real deal – not a clone. I say this because they will hold their value.

These mods are all based on the model of selling out and becoming rare. If you spend the money on one of these, you can bet it will at least hold its value as it becomes harder to find.

If you want long battery life, like a big mod and want a unique and beautiful piece of design – then this is for you.

In stock for $220 at VaporDNA

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