Vaporshark rDNA40 Box Mod

Vaporshark rDNA40

In stock for $195.99 The Vaporshark RDNA40 represents the latest in regulated mod technology utilizing Evolv’s DNA40 board. This is the same board that you’re going to find in several devices such as the newer releases by Hana Modz, Vaporflask etc. So the main things you need to know here is what makes a DNA 40 device stand out […]

REMatty RDA by REM Creations


In stock for $84.99 Smaller is better! This seems to be the new trend in RDA’s. When paired with the right mechanical mod, these new tiny rebuildable atomizers create a perfectly stealth but powerful setup. The Derringer atty was one of the first atomizers to come along and challenge how tiny a set up could actually be. When you […]

Briefcase Mod from Project Sub-Ohm

Briefcase from Project Sub-Ohm SMY

In stock for $89.99 The Briefcase box mod releases tomorrow from Project Sub-Ohm. Project Sub-Ohm have been releasing products for the last 2 years or so and have produced some pretty innovative vaping products. Their box mod line has been exceptionally good and this one is probably the coolest looking mod to date. The Briefcase is a branded SMY […]

iStick by E-Leaf tiny box mod

iStick Mod by Eleaf buttons and display

Here’s one I certainly didn’t expect – the iStick by E-Leaf (iSmoka). As you’ll see in this review, this little device is perfect for travel – its absolutely tiny! The battery life is exceptional and I think the iStick represents a whole new generation of simplicity and affordability. Note – there are 3 versions of the […]

The Kennedy RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

Kennedy RDA

The Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterprises is an interesting spin on the conventional rebuildable atomizer design. The airflow is the innovative feature here and is a radical shift from the traditional top cap placement. The design increases flavor performance and at the same time gives the Kennedy a sleek and refined look. » Get the 2 channel (standard) for $99 » Get the 4 channel (competition) for $109.99 After using this […]