Aspire Atlantis BVC Tank For Cloud Blowing

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis

In Stock for $39.99!

Cloud-chasers rejoice! There’s now a tank that works!

This is certainly an impressive addition to the tank world – Aspire has released the Atlantis which is a cartomizer tank that uses sub-ohm, .5 oHm cartomizers and has enough airflow to do lung-hits and blow clouds. So does it do what it says it will do?

Hell yes! This thing is pretty amazing!

Devices like this are designed for vapers who want convinience. Unlike RDA’s or other tanks, these are easy to fill, easy to replace parts and just work. Traditionally devices like this suffered from sub-par performance and flavor.

However, the Atlantis is extremely impressive. I still have a few complaints and there are some things that still need to be adjusted, but the Atlantis is the best “snap and go” tank I’ve ever used.

To better illustrate what I’m talking about, lets step back and look at the evolution of vaping devices so you can see how far we’ve come with the Atlantis.

Just a few years ago, the cartomizer was introduced which changed the game for vapers. This was a consistent replacement part that made it easy to build a tank around. The vapor production was okay, but the flavor was really consistent in contrast to the early atomizers. Cartomizers are still around and there are lots of vapers out there that enjoy using them. They are convenient, they last a long time and they give consistent results.

Aspire Atlantis Parts

Aspire Atlantis Parts

About a year ago, Aspire came on the scene and started re-designing the cartomizer into a smaller unit and named it the BVC. This stands for Bottom Vertical Coil and is a patented re-design of the traditional cartomizer. The BVC has evolved since the first release – its a proprietary replacement part targeted towards vapers who aren’t interested in rebuilding their own coils. The early releases of these weren’t so great, but hats off to Aspire for sticking with it and evolving as these have now gotten much better. Really good in fact.

The Atlantis is a great device in that its the first sub-ohm BVC you can buy and the tank is designed with a really wide airflow. You do have an airflow control ring so if you don’t want to blow clouds, you can set it much lower and dial in exactly the performance you want. This is particularly impressive and it works exactly as they say it will. In fact, because its so versatile, this is the only tank in this class of clearomizers that I would even consider purchasing at this point.

Also interesting is the concept of tanks over the years in vaping. Tanks are kind of the holy grail in that you can hold a bunch of juice and not have to manually drip to the atomizer. There have been several very innovative designs in the last few years that have attempted to match the performance of the traditional dripping atomizer. There’s been the Kayfun, Kayfun lite, Fogger, Squape, Orchid, etc. There’s also been a breed of hybrid RDA dripping tanks such as the 3D, EH Pro Pontus, etc. The dripping RDA tanks have been pretty disappointing despite their innovative design. The Kayfun style tanks have excellent flavor, but are missing the performance of the bigger clouds and air flow.

The Aspire Atlantis is definitely the best of what tank design has been trying to do. Its really quite awesome. But I do have some minor criticisms. So lets dive down and look at the pros and cons here.

What’s Cool About the Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis - Large Airflow Control

Aspire Atlantis – Large Airflow Control

The Aspire Atlantis is a 22mm heavy duty stainless steel tank that uses replaceable BVC technology cartomizers. The good stuff here is really good. You have a decent sized tank that’s made of pyrex glass – not cheap plastic! You even get a replacement tank in the package should you accidentally drop one. The BVC is a sub-ohm design that comes in at .5 ohms. You could use this on a mechanical mod if you want.

You also have a standard drip tip connection so if you don’t like the one that came with the device, just put on whatever drip tip you happen to like. This is really cool as I’m not crazy about the one that’s included. For whatever reason, devices like this tend to have fixed drip tips so its nice that Aspire let you change that out.

The air flow control is outstanding. You simply twist the ring on the base and you have a wide variety of adjustment. There is a small hole, a medium length slot and a full length slot. I personally leave it on the full length and adjust the ring to tune it up and down. In fact I’m not really sure why you have the other 2 options because you get full control with the full-size slot.

Filling and using the Atlantis is dead simple. You unscrew the base, fill it with liquid and screw it back on. Let the cartomizer soak up liquid for a few minutes and you’re ready to go. I’ve had absolutely no gurgling or leaking at all. It just works.

When the BVC part wears out and tastes burnt, its easy to replace. Just take the bottom off and unscrew the BVC. Screw in a new one, refill and you’re ready to go once again. This device is dead simple.

In Stock for $39.99!

What’s Not So Cool

There are really only 2 main things that I wish could be improved on.

Aspire use their patented “BVC” technology which means you have to buy replacement parts. Even worse is right now you can buy the Atlantis, but I can’t seem to find any BVC coils anywhere. I’m sure they’ll fix this in the next few weeks, but I don’t understand why you would make the device available, but not have the replacement coils.

Scratch that – you can get the coils now – buy them here.

You can also rebuild the coils if you want.

The second complaint is the juice capacity. The Atlantis is a good size – its not too big. Making the tank bigger would have to increase the size of the unit. The problem is the BVC part is much bigger than other Aspire tanks so it takes up a lot of room in the tank. When you’re pulling as much air as you are through this device (its designed to do that), you burn through a lot of juice. I like the tank, but you’ll refill more often than you’re used to with other tanks. I want bigger capacity, but I don’t want a bigger size, so I’ll have to live with this.

Aside from the minor complaints, this is an ace performer and the flavor is really good. I definitely recommend this – particularly at this price point. Its under $40 and is in my opinion WAY better than any tank that’s come before this.

I’ll definitely be using this. I used to use my Kayfun’s for travel and driving, but they sit in a drawer for the most part these days. The Atlantis just performs so much better. Even though I prefer RDA’s and rebuildables, there are times when I’m driving or traveling and having a tank is just much more convenient. And when I have a tank that performs this well – I’m not missing my RDA’s as much.

In Stock for $39.99!

Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis Parts
Aspire Atlantis Parts
Aspire Atlantis - smaller airflow option
Aspire Atlantis - Large Airflow Control


        • Gavin says

          Thanks for the review; I’m looking forward to jump into the world of mods and sub-Ohm vaping from my itazte VV3.0/nautilus setup.

          If I were to purchase the Atlantis, what mod should I go with to best accompany it with cloud chasing?
          – I’d prefer a cylinder style to the box mods, but if VV/VW box is the best option that’d be fine.
          -Mech mods are cool, VV/VW are cool too, either would be fine I’d just like to know what would work the best.
          – Looking to spend no more than 160$ on the set up, that includes batteries, charger, Atlantis, etc.

          Thanks again!

  1. cliff says

    Dont forget that it is not all stainless steel. The chimney is chrome plated brass. And it is a known fact that brass has 2-4% lead. Depending on country of manufacture. That is not cool. So it may be a really good performing tank. It still has some questionable design flaws.

  2. Joseph says

    i have the aspire atlantis on a steampunk mod. would it also work on an iTaste vtr box mod?

  3. Seth says

    I’ve been using my Atlantis now for about 3-4 weeks and LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! Big clouds, lots of flavor, and the coils LAST! Running it on my iPV 2S box mod around 20 watts. I’ll run the wattage higher every now and then, but I prefer a cooler vapor and 20 hits the spot for me. This is the only tank I recommend now and just got a buddy to swap to one from his RDA’s. He loves it too!

  4. TOM WANG says

    On you picture in your review, what kind of mod do you have the atlantis on. I have a lifestyle mechanical mod. Would it would great on it? thanks

  5. Don says

    I love this tank so much that I purchased two so that I could have a different flavored juice always ready. My one problem is that it spits and gurgling at times. I have it mounted on a Hades 26650 clone. I have solved the problem by using 3 layers of vinyl window screen inserted just below the drip tip. I wish the manufacturer would fix this so I don’t have to.

    • Just a friend says

      I’ve had the same issue and I fixed it by not overtightening the atomizer when your putting it back together, gurgles all stopped immediately

  6. Jessie Marie says

    I’ve been running a Kayfun on my Nemesis mod since I started vaping in November & I’m super pleased but looking to definitely branch out. Would this be compatible with my Nemesis & do you think it’d perform decently?

    – Jess

  7. Riley Cook says

    I bought a mini cloupor 30w box mod off eBay for 42.99 and this tank works awesome on it.

  8. James says

    So can I ask what would you say the cloud size is. I currently have an Arctic Bottom Turbine Coil 0.2ohms. Does anyone know how the Atlantis cloud size would look compared to my Arctic?

    • Robert Anderson says

      My wife uses an Atlantis v2 and when I use a tank I use an Atlantis v2 Mega so I can vape on it for a while without changing or refilling. The Atlantis v2 uses at the lowest a 0.3 Ohm BVC. I believe it’s a BVC not 100% sure tho, but it is 0.3 ohms, and at about 55-65 watts on my variable box it blows huge clouds. Bigger than the Arctic IMHO.