Plume Veil RDA by Aethertech V1.2 Rebuildable Atomizer

Aethertech Plume Veil

Aethertech Plume Veil

In Stock for $109.99
Sub-Ohm Edition for $115.00

Note: The Plume Veil RDA is one of the hotter RDA’s available right now. If you want one, get it – they don’t stay in stock for very long.

The Aethertech Plume Veil RDA is one of the more innovative designs to come out this year. I’ve been using mine for about a month now and I have to say I’m REALLY impressed. Vapor production is fantastic as is flavor. You really get both from this device and there isn’t much trade off. From a design and engineering standpoint this RDA is extremely well thought out and built. It prices out near the top end of the spectrum at just over $100, but its truly worth it and there is nothing else on the market right now like it. Lets break it down and see what makes this an exceptional performer.

The Plume Veil is made in the USA by Aethertech. Located in Los Angeles, you can also follow them on Instagram.

Plume Veil Design

Aethertech Plume Veil

Aethertech Plume Veil

The Plume Veil comes in 3 parts: top cap (with adjustable delrin ring), sleeve with adjustable air flow control and the deck. The Plume Veil features a standard 510 adjustable connection pin that is gold plated.

The Plume Veil deck is a standard 3 post design with several modifications that set it apart from conventional RDA designs. The center, positive post is split into two slots much like the Helios. The negative posts have airflow which we’ll look at in a second. This is very different and I haven’t seen this on anything else. This allows flavor to come up through the posts as well as the air-flow control on the side of the top cap. There’s also 2 more air-flow holes with control in the top cap which create a bit of suction. The airflow on this device is amazing as you can probably tell.

There is also a Project Sub-Ohm version which features the Project Sub-Ohm logo on the opposite side of the Aethertech logo. It will be interesting to see if these two companies are going to partner on future hardware down the road.

Air Flow Control

As I mentioned there are 3 sources of air flow control on the Plume Veil. You have the primary adjustable air flow source on the side of the top cap. You then have 2 secondary air flow sources – two holes in the deck that bring air in and up to the negative posts (bringing air in the opposite side of the coils) and also 2 air holds in the top cap which is extremely unusual and interesting.

In the top cap you’ve got a delrin insulator ring that creates a dome and air seal under the top section. You can adjust this by screwing the delrin insulator. When completely flush with the top you have these air holes open and the chamber minimized. When you turn the insulator the other direction, the inner chamber opens up and the air holes start becoming restricted – all the way up and you have the air holes closed off and the chamber maximized. This lets you dial in the exact amount of airflow and chamber size inside the Plume Veil to where you want it. This is a fantastic design. The air holes in the top that you are adjusting create a suction inside the chamber further spinning and pulling the vapor as it moves through the device.

You have adjustable airflow on the top and side air holes. The base airflow is either on or off. It looks confusing as there are 3 holes on each side, but this allows you to relocate the side air holes depending on where you’ve built your coils. This is actually really useful.

As you can see this is a really innovative approach to rebuildable atomizer design and it allows a great deal of versatility in setups without sacrificing any flavor or vapor performance. You can build the Plume Veil in single, dual coil and quad coil configurations very easily. Its also versatile for both sub-ohm, extreme sub-ohm or regular builds which make the Plume Veil a treat to use on just about any device. Hats off to Aethertech for developing a truly advanced RDA!

Differences in the Plume Veil 1.0 and 1.2

The two versions of the Plume Veil are for the most part identical. The main difference is that the original featured a gold plated deck and screws. The new version does not. Gold plating has excellent power conductivity, but flakes off after use. This has happened to me on drip tips – the new Plume Veil is a standard stainless steel deck. It still works just as well. Personally I don’t want gold flakes in my vape one day when it decides to start chipping.

Is this my next RDA?

I think the Plume Veil would work for just about anyone who wants a nice dripper. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Oh my lord – its worth every penny! You can build this at higher ohm ratings if you want to use it with a variable wattage mod and get excellent performance off of a single coil build. You could double coil this (my preference) at .2 ohms and use it on a mech mod. This is how mine is configured right now. Or you could put quad coils in here and go super low with your build and go compete in a cloud chasing competition. Its really that versatile.

Get yours today. They tend to not last very long between production runs!

In Stock for $109.99
Sub-Ohm Edition for $115.00

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  1. says

    Great review on the Plume Veil! I’ve been trying to track one of these down for weeks and weeks and none of the shops are talking.

    I think it speaks to one of the larger hurdles in the vaping community and that’s accessibility. The Plume Veil and so many others are excellent products, made in the USA and I think we all want to be on board in supporting their manufacturers’ growth. However, you can’t find them anywhere. The manufacturers need to find a way of increasing production on a larger scale because the demand is most certainly there.

    I also think it’s important that manufacturers like Aether Tech become more transparent with shops and their customers about release dates and availability. In turn the shops can do the same with the end user. If I am going to spend $100+ on an RDA, I would absolutely like to know that it’s in stock and/or shipping on a specific date, rather than a preorder for the end of a particular month.

    Vaping is a very cottage industry right now and it will continue to get better but that will only happen as brands find a way to dial back production times and costs to the end user.

    I don’t support clones in any way, but it does make you wonder when there’s a product on the market made of the same materials with 98% of the same design for less than 1/10 of the cost. The markup is huge right now and that comes down to accessibility.

    • Vapor Mods says

      Couldn’t agree with you more. It is frustrating. If they’re going to compete with clones they need to show up at least!

  2. sam says

    I have one of these and love it the taste is great, large amounts of smoke but one thing I’m confused about though is I don’t know if mine is a clone or the real deal. I bought it off of Craigslist and I assumed that it was real but I only paid 30 bucks for it and after seeing what it really costs i dunno anymore.

    • Patrick says

      With that price point more than likely you bought a clone. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that as long as you weren’t made to believe it was real. Some clones perform as well as the authentic. Some clones are epic fails.

  3. Stacey Villa says

    Could I possibly use my cool fire 4 which has a variable wattage and goes to 40 watts with a Plume Veil V1.5 with a dual coil build.

    • Charliehorse says

      Yeah, why not? You wouldn’t want the ohms down to like .000000001 or anything, but you would never want that anyway. RDAs are generally built for sub-ohming and whatever volts or watts you care to throw at them.