454 Big Block RDA – Impressive Atty Debut

454 Big Block RDA

454 Big Block RDA

In Stock for $69.99

The 454 Big Block RDA is made in the USA by Kryptonite Vapor. Named after the car engine of the same name, the 454 Big Block delivers in flavor and performance just as its namesake suggests. Kryptonite’s previous offerings have been carto tanks and drip tips. This is an extremely bold debut for an RDA.

I’ve been very impressed with this RDA after vaping on it for the past 2 weeks. This thing delivers just like a muscle car. And most impressive is the price point. This is a top of the line RDA for well under $100. If you’re on a budget and you want an upgrade – this is the RDA for you. If you’re not under a budget then why don’t you have one already?

454 Big Block RDA Design

The 454 Big Block is a radically unconventional RDA layout. It features just 1 post. The center post is the positive connection and its got 4 holes to accommodate up to 4 coils. The deck itself acts as the “negative” post. There is a retainer ring that attaches to the deck via 4 included screws. You simply trap your negative leads between the retainer ring and the deck then screw it down and break off the extra wire.

I will say the first time I tried to build on the 454, it was really weird and slightly confusing. I ended up trying to do vertical coils and it worked okay, but wasn’t really performing up to the hype I’ve seen on this RDA. So the second build I did was surprisingly easier than I thought and I did a conventional, dual-coil horizontal build and… oh my. This thing is intensely good.

454 Big Block RDA Parts

454 Big Block RDA Parts

So my point is, this might be weird the first time you build on the 454 Big Block, but don’t give up. It actually makes sense, but its different than the usual “3 post” layout.

The 454 Big Block RDA also features a nice, reasonable juice well and a conical top cap on the interior. Also unusual is the included drip tip. Its definitely interesting – the hole goes from the top bore, but then at the bottom it splits into a T configuration inside the chamber. This allows it to pull air in from 2 sides to get it to “swirl”. It definitely has a different feel to it. I liked it, but because of that T-shape, you can’t drip through the drip tip – you have to remove the top cap. I went back to my MLV Drip Tip that you can see in the photos and it still delivers amazing performance.

Also nice is the airflow control that the 454 Big Block RDA delivers. It’s an outside ring that lets you select single, double and quad coil accommodation. To close the airflow down, just spin the ring to off center the circular hole alignment.

454 Big Block RDA Box

454 Big Block RDA Box

So how does this RDA stack up?

Flavor is top notch. Performance and vapor production is absolutely stellar. This RDA is a top of the line device and I’ve been extremely happy that I bought it. The design is really clean with no visible logos. The top cap design on the 454 Big Block RDA looks somewhere between the Tobh and the Patriot. Its got fins, but they’re not very deep. Its a stunning looking device for sure.

My ONLY complaint on this thing is that the air flow control ring is a little loose. Its not a deal breaker, but I find myself constantly having to adjust it. Its not a “lock it and forget about it” design like the Zenith, Magma, etc. Now in fairness, it could be the O-Rings I’ve got on here. I haven’t tried to swap it out yet. That could solve the issue really quickly.

So the bottom line? The 454 Big Block is one of the most fantastic RDA’s to come out this year. And considering the price it is absolutely amazing.

I’m using this on my stainless steel Nemesis and it looks absolutely fantastic. This is a pro-quality, top of the line RDA for a price that just about anyone can afford. I’m really impressed!

In Stock for $69.99

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  1. Omar Torres says

    I have a vamo 5 and wanted some help finding a . Something that would ‘produce huge clouds what should I Get (RDA’S ,ATOMIZERS, tanks, drip. ,Cartimizer ???? also what kind of juice works best for massive clouds.

    • Ross says

      Hey omar, your best bet would be an rda or a drilled out kayfun style tank with a VV/VW box mod or a mech mod. 100% vg juice prouduces the most vapor, but some say the flavor to be lacking. hope this helps

    • MITCH says

      The issue with the vamo 5 is you cant build under 1.2 ohms. I have one that I now never use for that reason. I have an IPV 2 that I can buld down to .2 ohms as a safer carry around vape. Then I have a mech for when I am at home.I currently have a Nemesis but I am about to upgrade to a stingray or AR. Basically what I am saying is that what you have cant really blow good clouds. you need a box or mech mod.