Youde AGR/AGR+ Assembly and Instructions

Available from Mt Baker Vapor

Folks – I have a winner for you today. Last week I got my AGR+ carto tank from Mt Baker. My experience so far has been mixed, but now that I know what I’m doing with this – this may be the best tank I’ve used – PERIOD. I love it. I’ve got a ton of Kanger Pro II’s because I liked the performance, but this one outshines them easily. There are two versions of this tank – the regular AGR is made of plastic. Get the AGR+ since it has pyrex glass tanks.

So here’s the deal, I got my AGR+, punched my carto and loaded the thing with juice. AMAZING. Then I realized the base was a little loose so I tightened it up and the problems all started. It began flooding badly and I wasted an entire 15ml bottle of e juice trying to get this thing to work (note that I tightened the assembly – I’ll come back to this being part of the problem).

So I went to work today to talk to my buddy who swears by them. Maybe I just didn’t know what I was doing. I bought him lunch and got a lesson on how to put this thing together. Once you understand a few things it makes sense. Its a weird tank because you need to understand how it all works and fits together – once you get a grasp on that, the AGR+ is one of the greatest tanks you’ll have – an amazing vaping experience.

Mt Baker

The ARR+ Instructions

By the way – the AGR+ does not come with instructions. This is a damn shame. It messed me up and there’s lots of flaky reviews on this thing. This would all be avoided with a simple instruction manual.

So here’s how you put it together:

Youde AGR+

The AGR+ parts and a Boge cartomizer

ARG+ assembly

Note that the AGR+ comes with two center posts and two tanks. You’ll select the short combination for standard size cartomizers and the longer combination for XL cartomizers.

Youde AGR+

Apply a little juice to the O-Rings so they grip a little tighter.

Start with putting the tank together. Screw in the middle section to compress the top and bottom around the glass. Make sure this is tight so your juice won’t leak. This is really important. If you’re using a blunt tip syringe, put a little juice on the O-rings so you’ll ensure a tight grip.

Insert the carto and measure where to punch the holes. Go ahead and punch these once you have them marked.

Next prime the cartomizer. There are many ways to do this – basically you drip liquid from the top of the carto and let it flow out the 510. Use one of the condom covers that came with the carto to catch the juice as it flows though. Once the fluid has dripped you’re ready – this takes a minute or two, but its worth it.

Youde AGR+

The assembled tank.

Next you’ll want to insert the carto into the middle sleeve. You might want a drip tip on so you make sure you’ve got it far enough down. Go ahead and look at the 510 connection and note where the air hole is. This is important – if you cover this the whole unit breaks down and you’ll flood. Make sure its sticking out.

Youde AGR+

Push the cart thru the tank. Note the tiny air hole on the 510. This must be exposed or you’ll have flooding.

Then go ahead and put the base on the unit. Note that earlier I said I tightened it. You want this flush, but its not totally tight. There is some play here and this is important. If you screw the locking base on too tight you’ll cover the air hole and you’ll flood. You want it on there, but don’t tighten it down. I know this seems weird, but this is where I went wrong on the whole thing.

Youde AGR+

Base attached. Note you can turn this – don’t tighten. This will block airflow.

Finally use your blunt tip syringe and fill the tank (the screw cap is on the top of the unit). Go slowly and smoothly. Once you’ve got this filled up your ready to vape.

You now have everything assembled correctly! Start out light and then after a few puffs just vape normally. The vaping experience with this tank is like nothing else. I prefer to use Boge SR (standard resistance) cartomizers. The resulting vape is warm and the flavor is spot on. There’s nothing harsh and its very satisfying. Happy vaping!

Youde AGR+

Check your Ohms first and make sure you’ve got a signal.

Youde AGR+

The AGR+ assembled and ready to vape! Enjoy!

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  1. Meg says

    Thank you for this post! I got an AGR+ yesterday and loved how it looked but was ready to give up on it due to constant flooding and leaking. Lost quite a bit of juice this morning flooding the carto and leaking out between the two bottom pieces. I cleaned it up and then followed your instructions to not tighten down the locking base very tight and now it’s working flawlessly. When I fist got it I tightened up everything real tight and that is what was causing the issue. Tightening it just until you get a bit of resistance seems to be the trick. You saved my tank!

  2. Justin says

    I was given two of the AGR+ tanks. Both with out fill screws. Tanks work great with make shift plugs, but I would really like to find the proper fill screw. Does anyone know where I may be able to get them?

  3. Job_CF says

    Many thanks for the instructions 🙂
    I just got one of these. Came without any cartos. And both pyrex tubes are the same lenght at 30mm.
    35mm total with metals caps fitted.
    Have heard that Boge make ‘pre-punched’ and ‘slotted’ cartos in different sizes and Ohms.
    Does anyone know names of Boge models that will fit AGR+ ?