Youde AGA T7 – Kayfun killer?

Youde AGA T7

Youde AGA T7 – Kayfun killer?

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The fine folks over at VaperCompany sent me a Youde AGA T7 to try and review. I’ve been pretty excited about this tank based RDA for a while as it looks like its going to compete pretty close with the Kayfun lite. The Youde AGA T7 is a vacuum based tank system that uses a dual coil RDA build. It features several things you won’t find on a Kayfun: larger airflow, airflow control, a pyrex tank and a dual coil build setup. So how does this thing stack up?

I have to say I like it quite a bit. Lets back up though so you can see where I’m coming from.

I’m a huge fan of the Kayfun Lite, but its not perfect. I love the size and its easy to build on. There are times during the day where a dripping RDA isn’t practical, but I still want to vape. For this reason I prefer to keep a tank around. I like Genesis based tanks, but you have to keep them upright or the tank will spill. When the Kayfun lite came out it seemed like a godsend. Because it uses vacuum suction to feed the juice to the coils you don’t have to worry about it spilling. The flavor is fantastic, but the vapor production is lacking. So this is the biggest problem I have with the Kayfun Lite – the airflow is weak. The Russian 91% has slightly better airflow and I love the finish, but I keep the airflow maxed out and its still not enough.

Youde AGA T7

The Youde AGA T7 disassembled for building.

So this is why I was excited to see Youde design a vacuum tank when it announced the AGA T7. Its a vacuum design, but its is not a Kayfun Lite clone and hats off to Youde for doing something different. And the biggest thing for me? Airflow!!! And lots of it! The AGA T7 is exactly what I hoped it would be which is great. However its not a Kayfun and it might be confusing to build on. I will show you how to get it together below.

The AGA T7 – Pros:

Its got WAY more airflow than the Kayfun which I love. No more sucking golfballs through a coffee straw! The air is good. I’ve had no dry hits or gurgling and this is very impressive as well. I was able to build it right out of the box and get really impressive performance.

The Airflow ring on the AGA T7 is smooth and easy to control. Not too tight or loose. You can move it but it won’t drift on its own – well done.

The AGA T7 allows for a dual coil build over a single air flow hole. This is pretty interesting and the vapor production is very good for a tank. My first build was at about .3 which got a little hot (the chamber is tightly sized). Rebuilding .5 or so was better.

Youde AGA T7

Youde AGA T7 Deck – note the post pairs

Another nice addition here is an adjustable center pin!!!! I’m excited about this because Youde doesn’t normally have these on their RDA’s. This is a big plus for me. This just ensures that it will work on anything you want to put it on.

So are there any cons? I do have some minor rumbling with 3 different areas. First the AGA T7 is really tall. If you’re putting this on an 18650 mod (and maybe even a kick) you’ll find yourself vaping a lightsaber. I really hope in the next version of this they can get the size more compact. The size mainly has to do with the AGA T7’s tank and air intake. I’d be willing to deal with a smaller tank option if it would help. This thing is a little longer than a Genesis-style tank. Now I’ve been mounting this on a box mod so its not the end of the world. I’ll use this at my desk or in the car so I don’t care how it looks as much.

My other 2 complaints are minor. Youde does everything in polished stainless steel – I really wish they would offer brushed stainless finishes. And finally – there was machine oil and this needed to be cleaned. You should always clean your hardware before you fill it no matter what it looks like, so that’s not the end of the world. I just think it would be impressive to have this arrive cleaned up.

Youde AGA T7

Youde AGA T7 dual coils built

Building the AGA T7

There is a manual inside the box, but it was a little confusing. I’ll walk you step by step on how to take apart and build the AGA T7.

First, you need to unscrew the top cap – be careful as it holds the glass tank on and O rings – don’t drop it. Next unscrew the mid-section and you’ll see the chimney that goes over the posts. Unscrew and remove this as well.

On the deck you’ll see 4 posts. The 2 tall posts are positive/negative for the top coil and the 2 short posts are positive/negative for the bottom coil. One short post and one tall post have isolation sleeves on them – you’ll see these where they meet the deck. These are your positive posts.

For a dual coil build, I used 26 gauge Kanthal and gave them 6 tight wraps on a screwdriver. Always keep your coil wraps as clean and close as possible for best performance. You’ll want to coil them so the leads are in opposite directions. You can use your screwdriver to hold them as you wrap them around the posts. Keep the coils over the air flow exit so you’ll get the best flavor. It helps to put your coils on at an angle so you’ve got room to thread your wick in the next step.

After this I wick with cotton and just fold the excess wick down near the small juice channels on the 4 sides of the deck. Apply juice. Put the chimney back on and fire again just to make sure you don’t have a short.

Put the middle section back on. Then you’ll need to put the tank back on and seal with the top cap. Personally I like to moisten the O-Rings with just a few drops of juice to ensure a tighter seal.

Youde AGA T7

Youde AGA T7 – Ready for Action

Once this thing is assembled again – remove the screw from the fill hole using the included allen key. Fill using a syringe. Replace the screw and you’re ready to vape!

Is the AGA T7 for me?

The AGA T7 is an interesting alternative to the Kayfun Lite. Its well built and has way better airflow than the Kayfun. However, in my opinion, its lacking in the style department. Its not as small or refined. However it should also be noted that its a lot cheaper than the Kayfun or even a Kayfun clone. For this reason alone I think its worth buying just to check out. Whether it will actually replace your Kayfun is up to you.

In stock for $29.99

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  1. djcityslicker says

    Great atty. I drilled out my holes on mine to accommodate even more airflow and I feel like I’m dripping lol great atty, post holes would be a plus. Easy to build though and great performance. Knocked out of the park youde

  2. Aesop says

    I’ve been using the T7 for a couple months and find its a very good alternative when a dripper isn’t convenient. One of the best features of the T7 is its build flexibility. You can easily build:

    – Single coil (Vertical or horizontal)
    – Dual horizontal coils
    — Parallel, side by side
    — Stacked (crossing each other; worst build imo)
    – Dual vertical coils
    — Parallel to each other
    — Stacked (one on top of other with center over air hole)
    — Concentric (crazy build one inside of another, centered over air hole)
    With a lot of variations of the above. This pretty much has the build flexibility you would enjoy from an RDA.

    The biggest con for the T7 is filling. Unless you use a proper metal needle, it will leak like a sieve when filling. It’s the downside of having a top fill screw hole on a vacuum/gravity fed RBA.