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Veritas RDA

Veritas RDA


The Veritas was one of the better devices to come out last year. I don’t know what’s happened with iHybrid Mods/Faceless, but there’s been no word to whether or not they are actually still in business. I’ll keep this review up as its still an amazing RDA. Below is a link if you want a clone version:

Veritas Clone in stock for $9.28

This year we’ve seen some really interesting RDA’s being designed and produced. The Veritas RDA is no different. This RDA represents the cutting edge in terms of design and functionality. I’m really impressed with what iHybrid Mods have done with this.

The innovation here is in the air flow design. There are basically 3 key components that effect a build that gives you the best vape: quality of your coil build and wicking, quality of your juice and air flow. Air flow is the big one.

Conventional RDA designs have the air coming though the sides of the top cap. The Kayfun was innovative for using air channels to bring the airflow right upper the coil – this is what made its flavor so amazing. We’ve seen the Paradigm Magma RDA do the same thing but in a dripping atomizer. And now we’ve got the Veritas RDA taking this a step further and bringing the air flow in from behind the coil. The flavor is fantastic and the draw is really smooth. This also results in less heat build up as the Veritas retains very little. This is one of the cooler RDA’s that I’ve used.

Veritas RDA Breakdown

Streamlining was a key design element on the Veritas RDA. The whole device breaks down to 2 parts. There is the deck and the top cap. That’s it.

The look is clean with the ambigram, flip script logo engraved into the side of the top cap.

The deck design is highly unusual and like nothing you’ve seen before. There are no “posts” per-se, but you can easily see the connection points for your coils. The positive “post” is a small pin with thumb screws that is built on to the top part of the deck. The Veritas does not use negative posts – you just screw your negative leads right to the deck.

Veritas RDA Airflow

Veritas RDA Airflow

About a quarter of the deck real estate is taken up by the air flow chamber. You build your coils in front of this where the air enters the chamber. I think its fair to say at this point that this is a lot different than other RDA’s and if you’re a beginner this is going to be difficult to build on. I’m a veteran builder and still felt it to be challenging.

The easiest build to do on the Veritas is just a horizontal single coil build. It works great, but really needs to be on a variable voltage device as the ohm rating will be higher and you might want to power this.

You can also do a double vertical coil build if you have the patience. If you’re mech modding this is what you want. It can be done, but you need to watch your spacing and mold the wire to sit right in front of the air flow entry.

I’ll update this article soon with some pictures and instructions on the best ways to build the Veritas RDA.

Performance and Impressions

For as tricky as it is to build on the Vertias RDA, the results are completely worth the trouble. Cloud production is decent, but the flavor on this is what you want it for. It is fantastic.

I also mentioned the temperature is very different with this design. The Veritas is extremely efficient about heat build up. In fact its really impressive. The vape is a little cooler, but more importantly the RDA itself doesn’t retain heat like the Castle RDA, Tobh, etc.

Veritas RDA Deck

Veritas RDA Deck

Airflow is excellent on this device as well. One thing that’s troubled me a little with devices like the Magma or even the Kayfun is that these steel air channels make more noise than a standard RDA. You can hear the airflow going through them. The Veritas RDA is no different, but it is a little more quiet than the two aforementioned devices.

Is the Veritas for me?

The Veritas is excellent, no question. Its a fantastic design. It is also priced right at the top of the spectrum of what and RDA should be. I personally would like to see the price come down on this as we’re seeing devices like the Vulcan, 454 Big Block and even the Tobh at nearly half of the price of the Veritas.

Another small gripe is the packaging. It came in a small white ring box with a sticker label. I’m sorry but if you’re going to build a high end unit, take a second and give a damn about the way you present it.

Having said that however, the Veritas RDA is extremely unique and its an amazing performer. If you’ve got it in your budget, and you don’t mind being patient building it – go for it.

Is this worth “saving your money” to get? I don’t think so. There are too many top of the line RDA’s out there for a lot less money. I personally love the Veritas RDA and I bought it with my own money for the review. But I think the Vulcan, 454 Big Block, Magma, Castle and the Tobh are all a way better value. Even the Plume Veil is cheaper and its one of the best RDA’s I’ve ever owned period.

If iHybrid can come down on the price this would be amazing. For now all I can say you DO get what you pay for, your just going to pay a lot!

Veritas Clone in stock for $9.28


  1. Sigma says

    The Veritas is amazing. I have a clone (no funds for such an expensive dripper) and it’s quickly become my main dripper. Good review, thanks.

    PS. There’s a type in the subtitle for your website, at the top.

  2. Jason H. says

    I gotta say… The Veritas is absolutely worth the money! I own most of the high end atty’s and they all have a day to day set of missions. Some are better for home use and some get taken every where. The Veritas is the perfect pocket friendly atty in my opinion. It’s design makes for a damn near spill proof rig! Great flavor chaser as well. On top of an Axis Mod and you’ve got an awesome travel vape system. It does take a bit of getting used to building on it though. I personally wasted a bunch of wire and cussed A LOT but in the end once you got it, YOU GOT IT!
    Great Review! How about doing one on the PSYWAR ONSLAUGHT! This thing is a Monster and I see very little on it! Talking about a tank…

  3. Randall LEONE says

    Looks like a well thought out design. Excuse my ignorance in asking you, is this the exact same Veritas that is being offer by Faceless…? I don’t understand why there would be two different names Faceless and iHybrid, one is NOT a clone? I have been waiting to make this purchase for some time now, unfortanatly they have been out of stock.