Nemesis Mod

Nemesis Mod with Kayfun Lite

Nemesis Mod with Kayfun Lite

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the sleekest mechanical mods available – the Nemesis mod. I’ve had my Nemesis for about a month now and it has quickly become one of my favorite mods. The Nemesis mod is mechanical – in other words, there are no electronics involved – its basically a battery tube. But being my first mechanical mod, the Nemesis has quickly adapted me and I actually prefer mechanical mods these days for vaping.

The Nemesis is basically a pricy, but sexy looking battery tube. There are some subtleties that make it worth the money beyond just looks and we’ll look at those in this review. Also there are clones available at a much cheaper price. This is not an ethics debate, but I will give you my 2 cents on the matter so please read on.

Nemesis Mod with Battery Tubes

The Nemesis Mod Design

The Nemesis mod is designed and made in Greece by Atmomixani. Its a beautiful, tube adjustable, mechanical mod featuring silver plated contact posts, extension tubes, an airflow controller for 510 air hole devices and a gorgeous laster etched inlay and serial number. The Nemesis mod accommodates 18350, 18490 (each with kick) and 18650 sized batteries.

Both contact pins are thumb adjustable so you can get everything snug and flush keeping the unit as stealth and small as possible. If you’re vaping straight from an 18350 battery, the Nemesis mod nearly disappears in your hand. It really is a beautiful work of art.

The Nemesis mod comes in a few different finish configurations – basically variations on polished and matte stainless steel as well as brass.

The two silver plated contact pins are designed for maximum power translation off of the battery. This mod hits like a champ.

Nemesis Mod Airflow Control

Nemesis Mod Airflow Control Ring

The Nemesis Mod and Mechanical Vaping

If you’ve never used a mechanical device, its not difficult but you need to understand that you’re vaping right off of the raw battery power. So there’s no boosting the wattage or voltage like you can do on something like the Vamo. This simply means you’ll want to be conscious of the ohm resistance of your atomizer or cartomizer. Personally I wrap my own coils to 1.0 ohms or 1.5 ohms depending on the juice and the way I want it to hit – this works out just fine for me. Some people like to use mechanical mods to sub ohm vape at much lower resistance.

If you do want more wattage or control over the power, the Nemesis mod does have room for a kick or kick 2 device. This is a little computer circuit that costs about $45 that you can set the voltage on if you want a boost. I use a kick once in a while – it fits right inside the smaller of the extension rings and works wonders with the Nemesis.

The Nemesis Mod VS Clones

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

So like just about everything else in the world, several companies in China are selling 1:1 spot on clones of the Nemesis. Some people feel this to be pretty controversial because they are also selling them at a fraction of the cost of the original. While this is questionable business practice I personally don’t have a problem with clones. An original Nemesis is practically impossible to find because of the limited production runs so if you want one, you’re best bet is to get a clone. If you have an ethical problem with this, then you could always buy the real thing when they come back in stock – if ever. High end mechanical mods are designed and priced as boutique collectors items. I own some, but I also own clones.

The sad truth is that the Nemesis clone that I’ve got actually hits a little stronger than the original. Not enough to be really noticeable, but that is the one feature that makes or breaks mechanical mods. Some don’t transfer the power well and the vaping experience is less than.

You are welcome to have your own ethical stance on this matter. My whole point is that you’ll find the clones easily and for this review’s sake – the quality is dead on and actually better in the power area.

Vaping the Nemesis Mod

I mentioned earlier that this was my first leap into mechanical mods. I found it was a lot less confusing than I initially thought and I actually only use mechanical mods now – mainly my Nemesis.

I’d recommend a decent tank or dripper if you’re interested. And if you think you need it you can get a Kick 2. Either way this makes a really decent rig. I personally only use mine with a Kayfun Lite during the day and a Trident RDA for dripping in the evening while working or watching TV.

The Nemesis is probably the most beautiful mechanical mod available today. With either the original or the clone – you will not be disappointed.

Nemesis Mod

Where can I find the Nemesis Mod?

The original Nemesis mod can be found at VaporDNA for about $230. They are almost never in stock so you’ll have to be really patient.

You can find a clone to tide you over at FastTech that works as well as the original and looks identical. Fasttech has them for $24.63.

If you’d like a solid variable voltage/variable wattage mod – don’t miss the iTaste VTR!


  1. Josh says

    Thanks I too have one but don’t no if its the real thing hit me up if u can help me find out or not

    • Vapor Mods says

      The Kayfun and Genesis are two completely different designs. Genesis tanks are essentially a tank added on to a dripping atomizer. They work fantastically, but are prone to spilling (if you tilt too far they spill). For me this makes them unusable for traveling or vaping on the go. The Kayfun is a vacuum based design so there’s no spilling whatsoever. For that reason alone – I feel like the Kayfun is a better tank.

      • mitch says

        If the engraving is deep in the mod it’s real if they’re not its a clone the way to tell if they’re deep is rub your thumb across it with a decent pressure if it feels like you’re rubbing very rough sandpaper it real if it feels very fine it’s a clone

        • says

          Actually I’ve had like 20 cloned nemi’s and some had Uber deep engravings. The way to tell if it’s an authentic is to look at the S/N. Then compare to total number of originals made. You can’t go off of your opinion of the depth of an engraving. Go off of a serial number.

          • Robert Anderson says

            My tube mod is an authentic Rig from, some people call it the Manhattan Killer lol. I need to compare the Nemi to the Rig. I know the Nemi is hybrid (direct connect from RDA to battery), but the new Rig v2 is hybrid as well. Thinking about getting either the Nemi or the Rig v2. I like authentics, and the Nemi is a little bit more than the new v2 Rig. Anyone have both and could offer advice?

  2. Steven says

    What batteries and charger do you recommend using with a nemesis clone and where do you typically purchase them from?

    • Vapor Mods says

      For 18650 get the Sony VTC 5. One of the best out there and not expensive. For 18450 or 18350 I’d go with the AW IMR’s. You can get these batteries just about anywhere. VaporDNA is a great place to start.

      Hope that helps!

      • says

        I use a VTC5, 2100 mAh. 2200 and 2000 don’t work as well for some reason. But I also use an efest lux-v4 2amp charger. Excluding the voltage underload drop over time, it charges the batteries fast.

        • adam says

          I have the nemise and I’m use the 26650 battery on it it works really well. I have the aspire Atlantis tank on it but also have the I believe it’s called the tenith drip tip I maybe wrong.

      • Aisha says

        i have recently got one as a gift but i accidentally dropped it and the firing button and the RDA with the drip tip got damaged…
        do you by any chance know a website that sell these parts?
        i have found a few but they are clones and i don’t want clones.
        i would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this.

  3. iGGY says

    I have the nemesis clone. I’m using a 18650 Sony VRC4 battery. I love the way the kick ring looks on it, but I have to take it out with the battery. Is there a way to put the kick ring on it and make it work a battery without having to install the kick? Thanks, – iGGY

    • Lucid says

      I too dig how the kick ring looks on the mod…it took me a while but I was able to adjust the bottom and top pins until it fit properly…I am running it with an 18650 and it fits just fine.

  4. GirlsWhoVapeUSA says

    I love my Stingray mod w the kayfun tank for normal use. When I’m trying new juices or a competing I use my Lotus.

  5. Aydan Jones says

    Does the kit come with the kick or do I gotta buy one separately? If so, any suggestions/ links as to where I can buy one? I bumped into a dude in Swansea earlier today and got talking to him ‘cos his mod was producing more vapour than I’d EVER seen before. It turned out to be a Nemesis and I gotta get me one now – he kindly asked if I wanted to try his and, I gotta say, it blew everything else I ever tried CLEAN out of the water!

    Much love Vapers.

    Aydan x

    • Robert Anderson says

      Does it hit harder than The Rig by An authentic Rig hits harder than anything I’ve ever tried…

  6. Aydan Jones says

    Anyone got suggestions for where I could buy rechargeable batteries for this mod? Happy Vaping Vapers!

  7. Aydan Jones says

    I have an “Aspire Nautilus” tank ( non-cloned) would that be a good tank for use with the Nemesis?

    Vape on! X

  8. AmyRM says

    Thanks for the great review! I sit here eagerly awaiting my new (& 1st mech!) Nemesis clone & this got me really pumped!!!

  9. Masayea says

    This is probably the silliest question you have gotten about this mod.
    I have an original,.and there is an ongoing argument as to what the lasor etched logo is. Some say an angel, some a Reaper, some a stylized cross,
    and some say it is simply a design from someone’s imagination. Can you put an end to this mystery once and for all?

  10. Edward Pang says

    I just purchased a Nemesis copper clone off eBay with the atty TOBH RDA and will be running a 18650. What would u recommend? What build will u do? I just started vaping for a month and this will be my first MOD. I know people might say this isnt a mod for a beginner but I think it will be interesting to start off with something more customizable.. besides i love electronics and modding so it shouldnt be a huge problem.

    for me it will be cloud>flavour but doesnt mean i dont want flavour at all haha πŸ˜€ i want a balanced build but with huge cloud πŸ˜€

    Can u give me a few recommended builds that i can do maybe over the weekend or next? Others please also comment on this.. haha I am excited to join this community πŸ˜€

    Sorry guy but thank you πŸ˜€

    Greetings from Hong Kong


    • Vapor Mods says

      Just do a standard, dual coil build. That Tobh is a monster and should do exactly what you’re looking for. I’m working on some coiling tutorials. Do a standard build and focus on getting it tight – you’ll be happy.

      Everyone has a different preference, I like mech modding right around .3 personally. The Tobh has enough airflow to handle that easily.

      • Robert Anderson says

        I go to a lot of cloud competitions, so the lowest I usually build is about 0.08 but I try to stay between 0.10 – 0.15 ohms. Right now all I use is 22g or 24g titanium wire from and use either 24g macro dual parallel 8 wraps or 24g micro dual parallel 7 wraps, with that I usually get between 0.08 and 0.12. If you use titanium wire, make sure you do NOT dry fire it.

  11. HΓΌther says

    I have received my Nemesis (copies only) and I only have a Kangtech Pro 3 or an innotec 30 or 30s. I have the impression that the innotecdoes not work with it or I have not regulated it correctly.

  12. Veronica Grace says

    I agree about clones being comparable to originals but nemesis clones tend to have problems with the threading. If one piece is screwed on slightly too tight, they lock up and you have trouble getting your battery out. Also nemi clones lose the bottom pin for the spring and contacts super easily. But based on how reliable they are, I love them. My nemi clone was my first mod and it was definitely the best choice.

  13. Mike says

    I’m buying one from my friend he says its white and I wanted to know if it’s a clone I bassically want to know all the easiest ways to find out if it’s a clone

  14. Tyler says

    ok so I want a nemesis mod and I want to use the arctic sub ohm tank by horizon with it. will this work? please answer!!!!

  15. Brodey says

    Okay so I bought a nemesis and I’m using an 18650 battery but it seems that it is too small or maybe I just have it put together wrong. Please help me!

  16. Robert Anderson says

    Make sure if you are trying to cloud chase not to build your coils under 0.08 Ohms with a standard mech mod. It varies on what wire you are using, so make sure and have an ohm meter with ya when you are building a new set of coils. I personally use Titanium wire. So usually my setup is (with 22g titanium) dual 8 wrap coils. With 24g titanium, I use dual parallel 7 wraps that usually comes out to 0.08 with micro coils (2mm), 0.16 or so with macro coils (3 mm). I did notice the resistances varied slightly depending on the atty I used. Anyway, if you build lower than that, you run the risk of venting your battery and ruining your device.

  17. Bird says

    I’ve had 6 different nemesis clones between me and my wife. Only one I felt was a cheap clone, the threads were different entirely and would only work with that one clone.
    They did require a lil work to operate smoothly tho. I use a sponge type sanding block and just knock down the sharp edges on the threads before I put just a drop of 3 in 1 oil or Teflon gun oil to prevent the threads from sticking.
    I grew tired of the bottom pin moving also. I use a drop of epoxy once the installed height is established. If I’m out of epoxy, I just put a small dab of solder on the threads. Just enough to hold the pin tightly in place.
    I don’t use the magnets on the buttons since I’ve had them break when it was accidentally knocked off a desk at work. This rendered the mod useless until I could put the original spring back in.
    In doing this to each mod, I know I can send one to work with my wife and she won’t have any problems. Having her spend an entire shift after the bottom pin backed out and coming home without vaping at all, does not make my life any easier.
    Sorry for the long post. I hope this info helps someone.