As is the case with specialty items like this, they don’t stay in stock long. If you want one get it. Once out of stock you’ll have to wait.

Bass version in stock for $120
Stainless Steel Version in stock for $120

RJ Mods is a boutique vaping hardware company out of Korea. The RJ Mods CATS RDA is a 5 post offering in the style of the amazing mod tubes that RJ has produced. These include the Turtleship mods, the Zodiac mods and the Prow-T Genesis style dripper. Just like the other products, the CATS features amazing construction and the Asian calligraphy-inspired etched design that RJ Mods has become identified with.

I first tried a prototype of the CATS RDA when I was at VapeBlast this year in Lewisville. I was seriously impressed and knew I had to have one. I immediately signed up for the pre-order. The CATS has since been released and I’ve not been disappointed at all. So lets break down the CATS and see what makes it such a good RDA.

Under the hood – the RJ Mods CATS RDA

The CATS RDA is designed around a 5 post building deck. Its built for quad coils and it really sings with this configuration. You could certainly build this with dual coils only, but the airflow design will be a little loose as its designed with 6 holes to cool the chamber. This brings us to the next part which is pretty unique to the CATS.

Over the deck sits the inner sleeve. This type of design is starting to show up in newer RDA’s, but the CATS is pretty unique in that it creates a pretty small chamber relative to traditional RDA design. The smaller chamber keeps the heat and vapor concentrated as it spirals up the chimney to be vapid. It seems to produce a much more dense vapor than other RDA’s I use and this is probably the reason why. The inner sleeve has 6 air holes that bring air into the chamber.

The inner sleeve is covered by the outer sleeve/top cap which creates what RJ Mods is referring to as an air-conditioned design. The CATS RDA does get really hot as you’re vaping. I believe the air conditioning they are referring to is the actual vape as its moving.

On top of the outer sleeve are 4 air holes that feed the whole system. Over those sit a removable air flow control ring. The outer sleeve features a brass finish and shows the calligraphy inspired cat graphic.

The drip tip is a very unique design as well. You can take the whole thing off if you want to use a different tip, but the included design features a half steel, half teflon drip tip which works very well and is big enough to drip into when putting more juice in the RDA.

One last note about the design on this. It does start to get hot as you’re vaping. The materials used are of a very high quality as they should be at this price point. They use materials that can take the higher temperatures. The design and build quality are extremely impressive all around.

Another really great result of this design is that the CATS RDA won’t leak in your pocket! Most of us who use drippers know that its not uncommon to find juice in your pocket. Its just to be expected when you’re using an RBA/RDA, but the CATS is designed in a way that minimizes this quite a bit.


The RJMods CATS RDA is well built, but how good does it perform? If you’re not used to building quad coils, there might be a little trial and error the first time you build it. The deck is surprisingly easy to build on so once you get the hang of things, its isn’t that difficult. The 4 negative posts attach right to the deck so its not the traditional tall post look. The center positive post connects to all 4 coils. You need to wrap them clockwise to attach firmly when tightening. I’m using 28 gauge Kanthal with about 5 wraps per coil. This gets the build down to .3 or so.

The performance is quite unique compared to other RDA’s. The vapor is really dense – impressively so. If you like clouds this is your mod. Flavor is extremely good as well, however the CATS RDA runs hot. I’ve found that sweet flavors get too sweet when the vapor is this hot. I have a nice custard that isn’t too overbearing that I’ve settled in on. You might have to experiment.

I tend to vape this in spurts to let it cool between. I take 3 toots and let it cool back down. But this thing performs like a beast – I really like it. I don’t get vapor this dense on any of my other RDA’s – its really solid if you like thick vapor.

How good is the CATS RDA Clone?

Fasttech released a clone of the CATS this week – yep already. And its under $10!!! However beware – it is NOT the same design. The CATS clone is really bad as a clone – its a 3 post design, completely different deck, different detentions for the inner sleeve. It might be a good RDA but its not a CATS. Looks like the put this together before actually even seeing the CATS RDA. Get one if you want, just know its not a CATS clone.

Should I Get the CATS RDA?

I love it personally and I think its totally worth the price. I actually wouldn’t mind owning a second either.

The CATS is built for sub-ohm vapers. If you like your vape dense and warm with a lovely flavor this RDA is for you. Its great for massive clouds – its actually a very satisfying RDA. You do need to build quad coils on this to get the performance the device is designed for, but not difficult and its very rewarding.

Completely worth the money and effort. The RJ Mods CATS RDA is a winner and a future classic.

As is the case with specialty items like this, they don’t stay in stock long. If you want one get it. Once out of stock you’ll have to wait.

Bass version in stock for $120
Stainless Steel Version in stock for $120

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