Russian 2.0 Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Russian 2.0

Russian 2.0

Available for $114.99
Get it in Matte Finish
Get it in Polished Chrome Finish

The Russian 2.0 is the latest in the Russian line developed by UTC. It is one of the premium tank devices available. So what’s new in version 2.0 and how does it work? Does it stack up with the previous versions of the Russian?

First a brief history. The Russian is a spinoff of the Kayfun tank design. The story circulating is that an ex-employee that worked on the Kayfun left and built the original Russian tank atomizer. It was a spinoff design with a new finish and much improved airflow. Personally, the Russian 91% has been my favorite tank atomizer to date. It has all of the warmth and flavor of the original Kayfun, but with MUCH improved airflow and the matte finish is beautiful. I’ve used it pretty much all the time when I go to a tank system – its been my favorite. The original Russian and Russian 91% weren’t perfect, but they were the best designs out there in my opinion. So now we’ve got the Russian 2.0 – what’s changed and how does it stack up?

Russian 2.0 – Design and Build

The Russian 2.0 is the same design and size as the full size original Russian with several improvements. First we have a base ring that selects between the air hole and the fill hole. This is a huge plus. Second we have a redesigned insulator and bottom screw which is a major improvement correcting a few flaws in the original design.

The new collar on the base is fantastic. You simply turn the collar ring to expose either the air hole when vaping or the fill hole when you need to refill. The fill hole is outstanding. You do need a needle tip on your juice bottle or a blunt tip syringe to fill the device, but this is MUCH better than the old method of using a fill screw (on the 91%) or the ball-valve on the original Russian.

The air flow is much improved as well. Its not the wide open size of a dripper, but this produces an impressive amount of vapor for a Kayfun design. I really like the way this performs. Flavor and vapor are best in class for a tank. You can easily do lung hits if you pull additional air in with your mouth as you vape. Previously, I felt the Russian 91% was the best for vapor production – the Russian 2.0 is now better. I’m very impressed.

The center pin has now been redesigned as well which brings me to this…

Russian 2.0 Warning

Warning – remove this pin before unscrewing the device!!!


Do not attempt to unscrew the device until you remove the pin in the 510 connection. If you leave this pin screwed in you will break the insulator when you unscrew the base. This is not made clear on the packaging of the Russian 2.0 and should be. This is an easy mistake as this design is different. The center pin holds the positive post in place and spins freely to allow for air flow. Its not dependent on the base, so be careful. Remove this pin with a screw driver first or you will break the positive post on the deck when you try to unscrew the device.

Other than the lack of warning here, this design is much better in terms of working function. The older Russians had issues with the positive deck block coming loose.

Should I get the Russian 2.0?

I personally recommend this tank. It is expensive at $115, but it is the best you can buy. The air flow, flavor and vapor performance on this device are best in class for a tank system. Sure its not an RDA, but its an ace performer.

I use tanks at times when dripping is not possible such as traveling or driving. I’ve had no issues with gurgling or flooding and a well designed tank such as the Russian 2.0 are perfect for times when you can’t drip. This is now my “go to” tank. WELL worth the money you will spend. If I knew of a cheaper tank that performed this well I’d recommend it. But right now the Russian 2.0 is the one!

Available for $114.99
Get it in Matte Finish
Get it in Polished Chrome Finish

Russian 2.0
Russian 2.0
Russian 2.0 base
Russian 2.0 air flow


  1. Scott DuVall says

    Id like to see the deck on this Russian 2 I read about here. Do you have shots of it or a link to some images?


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